Wranglers, Lyman battle to draw

PINEDALE – The Pinedale Wranglers and Lyman Eagles squared off in an epic nail-biter rivalry game on a windy Tuesday afternoon on April 19.

Pinedale finished the first half ahead, 3-1. Lyman crept up in the second half to tie the game, 3-3, at the end of regulation. A tough defense on both sides resulted in a scoreless overtime and a draw.

The high-intensity game against Lyman followed a tough 4-0 loss to conference rival Lander on Thursday, April 12.


Lander scored early in the first half before Pinedale regrouped and tightened its defense, preventing the Tigers from scoring again. Sophomore goalie Brody Hamby caught multiple saves.

Hamby made a series of three saves in the second half. The Tigers rallied and broke through the Pinedale defense to score three goals as the clock ticked down.

“We played pretty well in the game against Lander,” said head coach J.D. Dudrey. “That game could have gone a few different ways, because we did have several opportunities on offense and played a lot of good defense throughout the entire contest.”

Dudrey gave a shoutout to Hamby, senior Gaige Zook, sophomore Colbin March, freshman Edwin Vega Hernandez and sophomore Dustin Larsen.

“While all the kids played well, I really think this might have been the best game so far for these gentlemen,” he said. “Brody kept us in the game with several big-time reaction saves. Colbin and Dustin each played the edge defense superbly throughout the game. Edwin was a big part of any offensive opportunity that we created and Gaige really controlled the center of the field with his performance on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball.”


The Pinedale offense dominated possession through the first half, striking relentlessly into Eagle territory. Hamby snagged a save and senior Jafet Martinez, sophomore Graham Harber and sophomore Jayce Ramage each put shots on goal.

Ramage took control of the ball, deftly dribbled it across midfield, and scored Pinedale’s first goal on his second kick.

Lyman quickly answered with a goal, tying the game, 1-1.

The Pinedale offense maintained the pressure with shots on goal by senior Jimmy Winkelkotter, junior Holden Saxton, sophomore Dylan Call and Zook.

Martinez passed the ball to Graham Harber. Harber wound up a long shot from the left side and scored Pinedale’s second goal.

The ball remained in Wrangler territory for most of the remainder of the first half. Freshman Christian Sosa-Sanchez, March and Vega Hernandez each delivered a shot on goal. Hamby caught a second save.

The Wranglers drove the ball back into Eagle territory. Graham Harber lined up and launched a perfect corner kick into the net.

The Eagles attempted to respond. Larsen cleared the ball and Hamby made another save.

The first half ended with Pinedale ahead, 3-1.

Hamby leapt up and prevented a goal as the second half opened. Lyman managed to cross midfield and send the ball into the net to score.

Winkelkotter made a clearance with a powerful kick. Zook, Larsen and Ramage applied defensive pressure until Lyman found an opening to score, tying the game, 3-3.

Zook and Ramage both made a shot on goal and senior Jackson Harber shut down Lyman’s attempt to score with a powerful clearance.

Lyman drew a foul in the box and set for a penalty kick to break the stalemate. Hamby dove for the ball and made the save. The final minute ticked down and regulation ended in a 3-3 draw.

In the first overtime period, Winkelkotter cleared the ball. Ramage drove across midfield and made a shot on goal. Hamby caught three saves in a row.

The Pinedale defense hounded Lyman in the second overtime period. Larsen and Saxton both thwarted attempts by the Eagles to score. Lyman drew a foul and a free kick, but failed to get the ball through Pinedale’s ironclad defense.