Wranglers hold the line against No. 2 Cody

Robert Galbreath photo Sophomore Edwin Vega maneuvers the ball toward Cody’s side of the field during the April 21 varsity game. Also pictured are junior Jayce Ramage, No. 7, and sophomore Laurens Dutzi, No. 10.

PINEDALE – An unwavering Pinedale High School Wrangler boys’ soccer team kept No.-2 ranked Cody on its toes during the April 21 3A West Conference varsity game.

Cody soundly defeated Pinedale, 9-0, in the first game of the season on March 17. By April 21, an improved Wrangler defense resolved to prevent Cody from repeating its previous runaway victory. A solid Pinedale offense fearlessly and repeatedly attacked Cody, regardless of significantly larger players on the Bronc defense.

The scoreboard ultimately favored Cody, 3-0, although the Wranglers put up a heck of a fight.

Cody scored its first goal early in the opening half. Junior goalie Brody Hamby answered with a save on Cody’s next attempt.

Pinedale struck deep into Cody territory, with juniors Graham Harber and Dylan Call both making shots on goal. Switching seamlessly to defense, Harber cleared the ball out of Wrangler territory. Junior Dustin Larsen protected the goal area with a header.

Cody managed to score its second goal. Hamby scooped up a save on Cody’s subsequent offense. Harber lined up for two powerful shots on goal.

Cody led by a narrow 2-0 margin at halftime.

Stepping up its defensive intensity, Pinedale held Cody to a single goal in the second half. Junior Jared Anaya cleared the ball as the second half commenced.

Cody scored its final goal before the Wranglers closed ranks. Harber broke through the Broncs’ defense to make a shot on goal. Hamby tallied six saves during the second half.

On Saturday, April 22, Pinedale traveled to play Powell, the No. 1 seed in the 3A West Conference. Powell pulled out the win, 8-0.

The home game against Lander, originally scheduled for April 25, was moved to Thursday, April 27, due to poor weather on Tuesday. Results were not available at press time.

The Wranglers play Lander again at the Tigers’ home field on Thursday, May 4.