Wranglers find redemption on the field

GREYBULL ­– After a disappointing homecoming defeat on their own turf, the Pinedale Wranglers beat the Greybull Buffaloes, 21-14, at Greybull’s homecoming game.

Senior Tyler Van Etten returned to the field this week, but as a running back instead of quarterback. Head Coach Mitch Espeland decided to keep sophomore Sam Lopeman in charge of the offense. Espeland was pleased with his new offense.

“Tyler (Van Etten) played really well in the backfield,” he said, “And Lopeman made an interception that sealed the game in our favor. Our defense played increasingly tough during the game. Porter Potts played incredibly well, and Jose Vega did a great job for us. The team really stepped up and the kids grinded it out this week.”

The Buffaloes opened the game with an early drive into the end zone to score the first touchdown. Their kicker failed to make the extra point, and at the end of the first quarter, the Buffaloes were in the lead, 6-0.

The Wranglers achieved their first successful drive in the second quarter. Lopeman executed a series of handoffs to Josef McCulloch and Van Etten, who drove the ball into Bulldog territory. The Wranglers suffered a penalty and a 10-yard loss, but a counter to Sammy White gave the swift running back an opening for a 25-yard run into the end zone to score. Senndey Gutierrez made good on the extra point, moving the score up to 7-6 in the Wrangler’s favor.

Greybull attempted a drive into the end zone before the second quarter ran out, but Wrangler Wyatt Phelps intercepted a last minute pass by the Buffalo quarterback Brock Hill. The Wranglers finished the first half of the game in possession of the ball.

During the second half, Van Etten relentlessly charged forward in play after play to score a second touchdown for the Wranglers in the third quarter. With Gutierrez injured, the Wranglers attempted a two-point conversion, but weren’t able to get the ball into the end zone a second time. The score stood at 13-6 as the third quarter ran down with the Wranglers in possession of the ball.

Wrangler offense continued their tight T-formation in the fourth quarter with one smooth hand-off to McCulloch and Van Etten after another. Van Etten chewed up yard after yard, and a final drive up the middle led to a third touchdown for the Wranglers. Van Etten scored again with a successful two-point conversion, bringing the score to 21-6.

Greybull managed a second touchdown halfway into the final quarter. Hill completed a throw to Caleb Bottom in the end zone. The Buffaloes pulled out a two-point conversion, but were prevented from scoring again by Wrangler defense. The final score stood at 21-14, a win for the Wranglers.

Today the Wranglers return to their home turf to take on the Mountain View Buffaloes.


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