We are the champions!


Photos courtesy of Andrew Towne/Casper Star Tribune, Sadie Snively and Joy Ufford.

Punchers take State in 39-14 win at War Memorial Stadium

War Memorial Stadium wasn’t filled with 26,000 screaming fans on that cold afternoon in Laramie, but the small towns of Big Piney, Marbleton and LaBarge, showed up for their kids, traveling 624 miles roundtrip to bring enough noise and energy to the stands to convince any listener that the game was held on the Punchers’ home turf. “I’ve always believed a football team could bring an energy and a togetherness to a community and that was on full display at the War,” Moffat said late Monday night. “Our side was packed with young elementary kids, former players and alumni, some lifelong Big Piney community members and so many families who made the trip to support this football team.”

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