Watch for high hourly ozone levels

With fresh

snowfall blanketing sagebrush, the state issued

more ozone updates this week with a warning

to the public that Friday might bring higher

than healthy hourly levels.

The federal ozone or O3 standard is 70 parts

per billion based on 8-hour averages but the

Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality’s

Air Quality Division’s latest email notice

suggests that high hourly levels are possible

at the Upper Green River Basin’s monitoring

sites in Boulder, Big Piney, Pinedale, Daniel

South and Juel Spring.

People with respiratory problems or who

plan on being active outside should check

ozone levels first in those areas, it warns.

On March 5 and 6, AQD announced “ozone

action day” alerts for the public and energy industry

to decrease ground-level emissions of

volatile organic compounds and nitrogen. It

also has issued ozone outlooks or warnings

daily about short-term high levels since then.

During times with heavy snow cover, temperature

inversions and sunshine, pollutants

can create wintertime ozone. The winter ozone

season runs from January through March.

Current information on ozone levels at

monitoring stations at Pinedale, Daniel South,

Boulder, Big Piney and Juel Spring can be

found at

To see previous 1-hour levels at any site,

plot recent data for the appropriate periods.

More information on ozone and the health

effects are at

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