Virginia man cited for resident tag applications


Wyoming Game and Fish warden wrote

five citations requiring Steven J. Duffy of

Virginia to “appear” in Sublette County

Circuit Court for allegedly making false

statements to get state resident general

tags to hunt moose, deer and elk as well

as a resident archery license and fishing


Warden Daniel Beach wrote the last

four citations on Sept. 11 at the Boulder

Store; the first for a moose tag allegedly

occurred on Feb. 2. Duffy is ordered to

respond to the citations on Oct. 22 at 10

a.m. in Circuit Court.

According to Wyoming Game and

Fish’s hunting license fee schedule, the

current costs not including application

fees for a moose tag for residents is $152

and $1,982 for a nonresident. A resident

deer tag costs $42 and a nonresident

deer tag is $374; an elk tag is $57 for

residents and $692 for nonresidents; a

resident archery tag is $16 compared to

the nonresident cost of $72. An annual

fishing license for a resident is $27 and

for a nonresident $102. These total $369

for a resident, $3,147 for a nonresident.



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