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University of Wyoming President Dr. Laurie Nichols greeted nine Pinedale High School seniors early on Friday, May 5, when students signed letters of intent to attend the university this fall during a signing ceremony. Proud family members looked on, along with (from left) Superintendent Jay Harnack and signees (from left) Aimee Gray, Shelby Pennock, Aisha Paige Auradou, Joshua Gallardo, Lynora Anderson, Kirk Anderson, Britney Covill, Zackary Winer and Taylor Ruckman stand alongside UW President Dr. Nichols.

Nichols has served as the university president since May 16 of last year. This spring she has been traveling around the state to reach out to communities. The purpose of her visits is to to update local citizens on what is going on at the university, along with answering questions they may have.

‘In general, meeting people from Pinedale, alums and others is a top priority for me,’ Nichols said during her Pinedale visit. ‘This is the favorite part of my job. Meeting with alumni has been amazing with good discussion and good questions.’

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