Update on credit card fraud

PINEDALE – Calls continue to come into the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) of fraudulent transactions on citizen credit and debit cards; the investigation is still ongoing.

During the course of the investigation of these cases, it is unknown whether or not an actual physical skimmer device was placed on the reader itself.

As reports have continued to flow into the SCSO, a portion of the citizens are reporting that they actually used their card inside the business establishments. Law enforcement is still in the process of determining what method was used to acquire the credit card information. In speaking with citizens that have fallen victim to this fraud, some stated that they had not used their cards in weeks or months.

It was initially thought that these intrusions were focused around the gas stations in the Pinedale area, but it has since been uncovered that a number of the local businesses and restaurants have also been affected. As this investigation is still ongoing, names of businesses cannot be released at this time.

The SCSO encourages citizens to continue to be vigilant in monitoring their accounts for potential fraudulent charges and report them immediately.


Editor’s note: In light of the updated information from the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office, the problem appears far more widespread than simple skimmers in Pinedale – or any skimmers at all, for that matter.

Last week, we had residents voice their concerns to us, wondering which locations were affected so calls were made by the newsroom to area businesses, asking if they were victim of the skimmers. Employees from the two businesses named in last week’s Roundup – Obo’s and Country Lane – said they were.

It now seems the initial SCSO narrative may not have been entirely accurate, leading to premature reports – and calls by the newsroom – that led to the naming of those two specific businesses. Our intent was not to damage their reputations but to inform the public.

However, in light of the SCSO’s updated release, the Roundup apologizes for its part in disseminating the incomplete information, especially as it relates to naming these two businesses and any potential negative repercussions that followed.

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