Unclaimed millions waiting for claims

WYOMING – The Unclaimed Property Division of the Wyoming State Treasurer’s Office paid out more than $15.25 million in money and securities value during fiscal year 2022, which ended June 30.

The division set records over the past year, including $8.072 million in cash paid and another $7.179 million worth of securities returned to rightful owners. Also, a record $12.86 million was reported to the state during the same timeframe.

“Our office has focused on locating owners of large property values and then reuniting them with their lost money,” Wyoming State Treasurer Curt Meier said. “This year’s cash payments were nearly 9 percent more than the record amount paid the previous year.”

Despite the record payout, the amount received by the state continues to grow. More than $98 million is waiting to be claimed. Those wanting to check should watch the 2-minute instructional video at www.mycash.wyo.gov before searching the database.

“We encourage residents and businesses to check our system every year or two to see if they are owed any money,” Meier said. “We received nearly $13 million in new properties over the last year, so even if you have been paid in the past, there is a decent chance we have more waiting for you.”

Unclaimed property is turned over when a business, agency or governmental entity owes money, securities and/or the contents of a safe deposit box, among other items, to someone and for whatever reason cannot locate the owner during a specified time. The property is turned over to the state of last known address or to the state in which the business was incorporated.

To make a valid claim at www.mycash.wyo.gov, owners need to provide information about themselves and may need to submit official documents, as simple as a copy of a driver’s license. More documents may be required to claim as an heir or a business.

Wyoming law requires the state to hold unclaimed property in perpetuity until it is claimed by the rightful owner.