Town approves hospital, Sublette Center building permit

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PINEDALE – The process to assemble a new critical access hospital and Sublette Center came one step closer to reality with the Town of Pinedale’s approval of the Sublette County Hospital District’s (SCHD) commercial building application to begin construction this summer.

The town council passed a unanimous motion to accept the commercial building application at a special meeting called for the purpose to get the project rolling on Tuesday, June 20.

Town staff embarked on an “extended review,” combing through each detail of the SCHD’s application, said Abram Pearce, director of public works. The town identified several concerns related to parking spaces, stormwater treatment and retention for the SCHD’s construction team to address.

Nathan Pitman, representing Layton Construction, the SCHD’s general contractor and construction manager, stated project engineers were addressing the issues raised by the town and adding those solutions to the building plans.

The town council also approved a temporary-use permit for Layton to operate a jobsite office trailer and shipping containers for material storage.

Mayor Matt Murdock congratulated representatives from the SCHD and its partners for reaching this milestone.

“Thank you for all the work you have done,” Murdock said. “You’ve been battling issues on multiple fronts (throughout the process).”

Dave Doorn, SCHD administrator, expressed gratitude to the town for hosting a special meeting to move the process along.