Today’s the Day! Friday, 4-7 p.m.

Take a bit of time from your busy week to stop by the Lovatt Room in the Pinedale Library. Check out Delsa Allen’s photography exhibition and reception. Those other gals wandering around are probably members of the Sublette County Artists’ Guild. Some will be doing readings from the Guild’s publications put out over the past 94 years. They are a fairly mixed litter. Several were former teachers, some part of the ranching community, others involved in various businesses. Let’s meet that crowd.

Perhaps Mary Ann Almquist, Elaine Crumpley or Jonita Sommers taught you or one of your offspring in school. Today, rather than wielding red pencils in the classroom, they are using computers for creative writing. Like the founding members, quite a few others can be found rustling — no, I mean hustling — cattle to market about now. Madeleine Murdock, DeeAnn Price, Liz Wardell, Jonita Sommers, Sue Sommers and Susan Barney fit in that group. And you probably would find Gina Feltner riding The Drift spring and fall. If you don’t meet the rest in local businesses, they will be involved in various endeavors in the community. Those gals are Carolyn Bing, Sandy Brewer, Liz Covell, Charmian McLellan, Mary Lynn Worl, Helena Linn and yours truly, Mary Brodie.

The Sublette County Artists’ Guild is composed of those 16 members, sharing compositions and artwork and recording happenings of this area. Think of Charmian McLellan when you see her owl painting on the wall of the building next to the Patio Grill. Did you honk and wave as you watched her paint that?
Books written by Helena Linn, DeeAnn Price, Gina Feltner, Jonita Sommers and Mary Brodie are available at several book outlets. In the “Quick Write” sessions of our meetings we are often surprised by clever poems composed in a matter of minutes by Carolyn Bing, Madeleine Murdock, DeeAnn Price and Mary Lynn Worl. How do those girls do that? Perhaps they will read some Friday.

Today is the day to come and meet Delsa Allen and view her photographs at the Lovatt Room. Members of the Sublette County Artists’ Guild will be reading their own works or from one of the publications throughout the reception. Remember — 4 to 7 p.m.. See you there!