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With our growing dependence on technology we have diminished our expectations of being a human being. We no longer look forward with anticipation to what might be. We must be connected to a space that is not really real to feel comfort with an ease of mind.

We have lost the care for continuous as we have accepted the representation of bytes. This accepted submission allows any and all types of relationships to become fragile and dissipate. Our unstable environment is flickering as goods are made to be used and discarded. We do nothing as a whole and we have accepted the intensity of being victimized and powerless

We as the inhabitants of the world have mastered the act of discarding. What is not wanted is cast aside and disposed of. We get rid of what is no longer wanted or needed. In doing so, we have also discarded the concept of when you throw something away, what is thrown away must be put somewhere.

We, from the skillfully influenced artificial society, now know more stress than ever before. We respond to so many types of stimuli that disturb, or interfere with our normal reflective philosophical equilibrium. We are being pulled one way even though within who we are, we may allow this tug in a particular direction, but we do not want to go. In psychology this is known as “cognitive dissonance.”

Its a mental conflict that occurs when your beliefs dont align with your actions. Its the idea that feels stressful, advancing to pain, when holding two contradictory ideas at the same time. Following what youre told is right, when you know it is not. Its the tension created when an individual’s behavior is inconsistent with thoughts and beliefs. We are being told what to do and doing it while knowing that what were doing is not right.

Perhaps we are all living in a brain cell of something else we dont know. However, we still must use thought and think about what we have seen and what is being done. We dont need to travel back into history. History is seemingly repeating itself and coming forward to revisit us.

It doesnt take long when you read about and explore the fall of the Roman Empire to see that history can quickly be repeated. There was a plague in Rome, which resulted in a labor shortage. There was terrible self-fulfilling leadership, multiple wars, fighting and rioting and the loss of morality. Decisions were made to benefit the rich rather than help the poor.

There are a lot of comparisons that can be seen right now. We are here again with a modern version of what was. Is this whole principle of history repeating itself the missing link? Should we be looking and waiting for Plato’s theory of the Philosopher King to return and gently make all right?

We have virtually become hypnotized and its just begging to get even more surreal with the development of artificial intelligence. We have been told what to think for so long, even when revealing the past, the reveal does little good in showing what is happening again does not work. What we might start doing is bracing ourselves as we prepare for the fall.

So many are now participating in this nation of followers. They have become unable to move forward without a map, guidebooks, rules and do-and-don’ts. It has become a sense of security, though false, to be told, Here is the way you must go from one place to another.”

The careful amblers are being hampered by the reliance of them. They are expected to be informed of which direction to take and where they are told to go, while exposing any detours that may be along the way, even when the detours are not safe.

The importance to the guides and chaperones are solely in the destination. This is completely contrary to exploring, to seeking the new and making memories of your own, which is the way it is supposed to be. The odyssey of the journey is what matters in life.

The act of departing begins with the first step, then by following that with the next step. You are not lost when you dont know and dont have any clue what is around the next corner, or not told what to do. You are just mapless and willingly filled with the old characteristic of wonder that our forefathers utilized to create this country.

We cannot feel safe with what is going on. We cannot hold false conceptions, or find blame with what is happening. We must blame ourselves first. We can hide within the folds of the media and blame society, but we must not forget, we are the society. - dbA

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