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Each morning I open my journals and pour into them myself. These are my thoughts and ideas that arrive from unlimited sources. I’m sharing some of these daily thoughts and ideas. As always with the words I share, my hope is that they will reflect a meaning to the reader and perhaps evoke your own thought of bewilderment. 

January - 18 - 2023

Part of Japanese mythology is that each person has three faces. The first face you show the world. The second face is shown to those that you’re close to. The third face is never shown. This is the truest reflection of who you are. It’s my belief and systematic exercise, that when you find your true self and live with the comfort of who you are, your third face begins to be exposed to the world. When each person loses the fear they hold for being comfortable with who they are, they hold the face the world wants to see.

January - 25 - 2023

As we are manipulated and guided to the scarcity of mental ability, we look for brief moments of superficial bliss. Unaware this invasion of the extreme is beyond most normal limits. The fanatics fear the freedom of freethinking. A freethinker can posses a million ideas while a million fanatics can have their mind possessed by one single idea.

January - 30 - 2023

If blame is needed, then I’ll blame the Industrial Revolution. This was the start of society pushing humanity to be in a chaotic state of, fight-or-flight. Rush to achieve, compete and perform for success, depicting humans as more of a machine than human. We do not have to work and perform to be part of the breakdown. Our nervous system needs stillness, quiet, play, creativity and at times, to isolate and recharge. It seems everyone still does not understand this.  

February - 02 - 2023

Society keeps speaking, at times shouting and demanding. No matter what they say or declare I just gently respond with, “Nah! That’s not for me.”

February - 03 - 2023

Confusion is a part of this path that we are on. We don’t need to fade or obscure it for those walking behind, the younger ones. This confusion started a long time ago, but it really came to light with colorful aerodynamic bicycle helmets. Then it was “everyone gets a trophy.” Kids no longer know what it is like to lose and feel pain. When they do something stupid, stupid should hurt. It helps to develop commonsense. Then too, you must know that having commonsense is not a special gift bestowed on those with thought. At times, commonsense is more of a sentence of punishment. You must observe and deal with all those that don’t know what it is. At this point in time, I believe it might be better to remove all safety labels and see how things work out.

February - 10 - 2023

It was said that we were all one. Then it was pointed out that we were all different. Race disconnected us from being the same. Now that we were no longer the same, we were given religion to join us, but with religion we became further separated. Now that we were so far apart, we gained politics to unite our separate ways. The political parties divided us even further. We were then shown wealth and with wealth we were placed in an income bracket and divided still more as wealth classified us. It was said we were all one. We are. We failed and now we all appear as fools. We have been chained with servitude of the same and have forfeited our freedom to be free. 

March - 16 - 2023

I came upon a murder of crows moving with the haste of a scurry in the audience of two giant ravens, ancient ravens from a distant and remote period of time forgotten. With few words spoken the crows made busy filling the black plastic trash bags, which were held open by the pebbly talons of the ancient ravens. With wings flapping to slightly hover, each crow dropped a piece of rotten and rancid meat pulled from the buffalo bull executed by a drowsy driver in a snowplow. Just before the black plastic trash bag was full enough to reach overflow, the ravens systematically rolled the top closed. With one large flap of their powerful wings the ravens were pushed into the sky. Banking to the right in unison, the coal black passerine birds turned toward the distant north. The caw-less crows stand in wonder, confused with their wings dropped at what just happened. Their celebration of death, their sumptuous feast lost as the ancient ravens flew into the north and faded from sight.

This is a look into my art journals; perhaps on a different day I’ll show pictures as well. Morning writing is my time for creative thought, ideas while I let the mind wander beyond boundaries and restraint.

When you engage in journaling and writing, you create a sacred space for your thoughts, emotions, and experiences to be explored and then recorded. It allows you to delve into your inner world, reflect on your journey, and gain insights into your own beliefs, values, and perspectives. It is a form of self-expression, providing a means to articulate your thoughts, feelings, and experiences of freedom that is deeply liberating as you purge your emotions. - dbA 

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