‘The Drift’ draws the daring

Courtesy photo Fat bikers, runners and cross-country skiers gather for The Drift’s mass start of the 13-mile half marathon on Saturday morning near the Kendall Valley starting point. Seventy-five racers signed up for the ‘Half’ and ‘The Drift28’ marathon.

Plenty of serious and amateur

racers turned out for the short and long

versions of the second annual The Drift, the

backcountry winter race into the Wind River

Mountains that pits bikers, skiers and runners

against each other on groomed trails.

In spite of the competition, local participants

enjoyed the camaraderie and decent weather on

Saturday, March 9, at the Kendall Valley starting

point. Seventy-five entrants signed up by

age, gender and mode of travel – running (R),

biking (B) or skiing (S) – for the 13-mile “Half”

or The Drift 28-mile marathon. The Drift was

created by Keri and Darren Hull, supported by

the Great Outdoor Shop and assisted by many

volunteers and groups.

There is talk of a 100-mile ultra-version next


Local racers said this year’s race exceeded

expectations, with the marathon’s second half

being incredibly difficult and steep. They commended

everyone who helped put the race together

and pull it off successfully. An awards

ceremony honored the top male and female

skiers, bikers and runners in the 13 and 28-mile

races, in bold below.

Marathon snow runner Ken Konicek of

Pinedale said he wore his regular running shoes

again and noticed others wore shoes with an extra-

wide base. This time he changed his stride,

flattening it out, and to get uphill he took strides

instead of trying to run.

Having run many marathons, Konicek said

his time of 6:04:15 was quite a bit slower than

usual. He came upon a biker who was trying

to push out of a soft spot in the trail and gave

him a hand. He also enjoyed a cup of coffee

and peanut M&Ms at the aid station. He didn’t

feel “like the clock was ticking and you have

to push yourself.”

“That’s the first time I’ve ever eaten peanut

M&Ms while running a marathon,” he said. “If

I hadn’t stood around for so long, I’d have broken

6 hours.”

For champion marathon skate-skier Jason

Ray of Boulder, strategy was important because

the race’s finale is incredibly tough. He

took an early lead during the first half and used

it to rest and prepare for the elevation gains and

low-angle declines.

“The skiers worked for 20 miles before they

got to glide at all,” Ray said. “The last 6 miles

are a lot of really steep ups and downs; those

hills were brutal. It was very neat to challenge

yourself over long periods of terrain. It was an

awesome race.”

His wife Emily Ray of Boulder, who finished

as the half-marathon’s winning female

skier, said it was her first time in The Drift and

their 13-mile trail was much simpler, except

for negotiating “mashed potato” snow that was

softening. She loved everything, from the “gorgeous

weather” (that started at 0º and inched

up to 12º by noon) to the incredible amount of

organization put on by race sponsors and volunteers.

“It was only my second race ever,” she said.

“It had a really nice feel to it. The camaraderie

was wonderful and brought together a really

neat group of people.”

Doc Foster of Pinedale skate-skied his way

to first-place male racer in the half, in an hour

and 51 minutes. He said the 13-mile race is

something most people can enjoy, whether on

skis, bikes or running shoes. “People that are

apprehensive about the long race can do this

one,” he said, noting its “great turnout.”

Foster said, “The neatest thing I saw was

all of these women in groups waiting for each

other to cross the finish line together. It’s pretty

cool that people challenge themselves. The

Drift has the Pinedale soul.”

Any interests in moving from the Half to 28

or even 100 miles of racing?

“Even a half-marathon can be kind of brutal,”

Foster said. “It’s not just a walk in the


Ray said she would rather “start small” with

the half. “Time will tell…”

Konicek noted that The Drift’s marathon

trail is almost 50 kilometers long and he felt

“good” after running on snow, which is more

forgiving than pavement. He probably would

not go for the 100-mile contest.

“Even to do a half-marathon run on snow is

not easy,” he explained. “The fun part is, everyone

can challenge themselves from where they

are at right now.”

For more, go to www.thedrift100.com.

TIME RESULTS – 13-Mile Half Marathon

20-29 Female

R Leah Yingling, SLC, 2:08:31

B Eva Koplin, Laramie, 2:10:31

B Hailey Harber, Pinedale, 2:16:52

S Amanda Bingham, Pinedale, 4:15:41

30-39 Female

S Emily Ray, Boulder, 2:06:17

S Leah Ritz, Casper, 2:13:29

R Jessica Flandro, SLC, 2:26:02

R Amanda Margrave, Rock Springs, 2:46:40

R Kathleen Martin, Pinedale, 3:09:23

S Valerie Werbelow, Pinedale, 3:29:43

S Michelle Stauthamer, Pinedale, 3:29:47

B Bobbie Terry, Billings, 3:36:25

B Micah Roehr, Arvada, 3:36:30

S Marie McGuire, Pinedale, 4:15:34

S Ryan Farnsworth, Cora, 4:15:37

S Emily Linney, Boulder, 5:01:33

S Kristi White, Pinedale, 5:01:39

30-39 Male

B Jeff Harber, Boulder, 2:05:19

R Danny Bradley, SLC, 2:12:16

B Mayer Rivero, Utah , 2:46:32

R Matt Mau, Utah, 3:03:06

S Sheri Luth, 3:44:33

R Heath Greer, 3:05

40-49 Female

B Julie McFadden, Steamboat, 2:09:40

S Judy Vitolo, Pinedale, 2:22:00

R Katie Mills, Jackson, 2:35:28

B Kylah Bowers, Pinedale, 3:36:20

S Jennifer Zook, Pinedale, 5:01:35

40-49 Male

R Kenneth Roe, Jackson, 3:24:59

S TJ Deeds, Pinedale, 3:28:33

50-59 Male

S Doc Foster, Pinedale, 1:51:04

R Shawn M, Jackson, 2:26:08

60-69 Male

R Steve Gilmore, Jackson, 4:31:16

TIME RESULTS – 28-Mile Marathon

20-29 Female

S Gretchen Loft, N.H., 5:48:04

B Jolee Springman, Pinedale, 6:50:31

R Ahna Vitt, Pinedale, 8:02:21

20-29 Mal e

R Mike McMonagle, SLC, 5:10:05

R Matt Hansen, Wisconsin, 5:45:15

R Noah Kolis, Cora, 6:11:24

S David Rule, Pinedale, 6:48:14

B Brad Ledo, Pinedale, 7:25:14

30-39 Female

S Erin Martin, Moose, 4:44:43

S Gracy Carpenter, Pinedale, 6:54:18

R Johanna Blanchard, Lander, 8:24:19

R Adrienne Vincelette, Pinedale, 8:51:04

30-39 Male

R Gabe Joyes, Lander, 4:55:45

S Guy Litt, Casper, 5:09:39

B Chase Harber, Pinedale, 5:33:39

R Andy Ringholz, Victor, Idaho, 5:37:25

B Andrew Zook, Pinedale, 6:03:49

R Ken Lind, Douglas, 6:24:10

R Kevin Mack, Colorado, 7:29:29

S Luke Schultz, 6:00:00

40-49 Female

R Sylvia Greer, Utah, 7:14:54

R Marie Pontius, Utah, 7:34:57

40-49 Male

S Jason Ray, Boulder, 4:23:50

B Roy Dewitt, Pinedale, 6:18:50

R Scott Griffith, Afton, 6:45:39

B Jon Kowalski, Colorado, 4:38:32

S Todd Morgan, Pinedale, 6:51:10

R Joe Heywood, Bedford, 6:58:39

S Nathan Curry, Pinedale, 7:05:37

B Ben Davis, Pinedale, 7:29:23

R Kirk Rupp, Utah, 7:30:51

50-59 Female

R Pam Reed, Jackson, 7:08:25

50-59 Male

S Scott Kane, Lander, 4:48:23

R Bo Miller, Jackson, 8:14:12

60-69 Male

S Martin Hudson, Pinedale, 5:39:53

R Ken Konicek, Pinedale, 6:04:15

B Don Mueller, Utah, 7:21:26

‘The Drift’

draws the


Emily Ray and Jason Ray meet up at the finish line.

28-mile winners

Runner Male: Gabe Joyes

Runner Female: Pam Read

Biker male: Jon Kowalsky

Biker female: JoLee Springman

Skier male: Jason Ray

Skier female: Erin Martin

13-mile winners

Runner male: Danny Bradley

Runner female: Leah Yingling

Biker male: Jeffrey Harber

Biker female: Julie McFadden

Skier male: Doc Foster

Skier female: Emily Ray

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