Swimmers hit PRs at Green River

Robert Galbreath photo Senior Morgan Grossman practices her diving technique off the blocks. Grossman qualified for State in the 200 freestyle and 500 freestyle at the Green River Invite on Sept. 3.

GREEN RIVER – The Sublette County combined girls’ swim team demonstrated its tenacity against tough opponents at the Green River Fall Invitational on Saturday, Sept. 3.

Despite the “intense competition,” each athlete on the team showed improvement and posted new personal records over the weekend, said Co-Head Coach Ambr Seemann.

“Freshman through senior, our athletes made an impressive showing at Green River,” she added.

The meet provided a “good opportunity” for Sublette County to “compete against some strong teams,” said Co-Head Coach Kursty Day.

“The girls showed lots of energy and enthusiasm cheering on their teammates,” she told the Roundup. “We had two relays finish in the top six and several swimmers finish in the top 12 in their individual events. We are excited to add Morgan Grossman to the State roster. We will continue to work hard and look forward to our next meets.”

Grossman, a senior, punched her ticket to State in the 200-yard freestyle, picking up fourth place with a time of 2 minutes, 17.33 seconds. Taking third place in the 500-yard freestyle, Grossman qualified with a time of 6:16.75.

In diving, senior Rhonda Auradou qualified in six dives. She came in sixth in the event, tallying 161.85 points.


  • 200 medley relay: Maggie Walker, Rayne Wheeler, Jolynn Jones and Grossman took first place at 2:20.12; Shelby Scott, Alexis Thompson, Lilly Joseph and Emma York placed 10th at 2:33.12 and Tyrney Roberts, Auradou, Chelsea Wright and Aurora Rees came in 13th place at 2:46.48.
  • 200 freestyle: Thompson in 12th place at 2:36.62, Bryn Arne in 24th at 3:02.80, Alyce Hayward in 25th at 3:08.27, Cambry Jenks in 26th at 3:14.20 and Catie Langlois in 28th at 3:37.25.
  • 200 individual medley: Wheeler in seventh place at 2:40.61, Walker in 13th at 3:04.39, Scott in 16th at 3:06.27, Addy Levitt in 20th at 3:12.39, York in 21st at 3:16.10, Kamia Runyan in 24th at 3:39.36, Hadlee Francis in 25th at 3:46.23 and Wright in 26th at 3:56.86.
  • 50 freestyle: Roberts in 21st place at 32.85 seconds, Rees in 25th at 33.46, Kaylea Mortensen in 37th at 37.30, Mariaha Morgan in 42nd at 41.71 and Charlotte Delker in 45th at 44.56.
  • Diving: Joseph in 12th place with 145.80 points.
  • 100 butterfly: KaLee Bohnet in 13th place at 1:27.61.
  • 100 freestyle: Levitt in 18th place at 1:13.60, Arne in 26th at 1:21.95, Jenks in 32nd at 1:30.60, Langlois in 35th at 1:39.47 and Delker in 37th at 1:44.29.
  • 500 freestyle: Thompson in ninth place at 7:09.98, York in 13th at 7:38.90, Jones in 15th at 7:39.89, Rees in 18th at 8:08.38, Hayward in 19th at 8:14.22 and Francis in 20th at 8:39.98.
  • 200 freestyle relay: Levitt, Libby Olson, Bohnet and Runyan in ninth place at 2:14.39; Jenks, Arne, Scott and Hayward in 13th at 2:27.61 and Mortensen, Langlois, Morgan and Delker in 18th at 2:51.97.
  • 100 backstroke: Wheeler in seventh place at 1:14.57, Walker in 10th at 1:20.00, Scott in 14th at 1:25.01, Roberts in 20th at 1:31.89, Wright in 24th at 1:46.35 and Morgan in 27th at 1:51.40.
  • 100 breaststroke: Mortensen in 16th place at 1:41.18 and Runyan in 21st at 1:50.51.
  • 400 freestyle relay: Wheeler, Thompson, York and Grossman in sixth place at 4:38.34; Jones, Rees, Roberts and Walker in 12th at 5:06.35; Bohnet, Wright, Olson and Levitt in 16th at 5:22.59; Runyan, Arne, Jenks and Francis in 19th at 5:54.73 and Morgan, Langlois, Hayward and Mortensen in 21st at 6:20.54.