Supporting migration corridor designations

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department

has suspended all activities related to

designating ungulate migration corridors

until further notice.

This suspension is in response to a request

WGFD received from the Wyoming County

Commissioners Association, Wyoming Association

of Conservation Districts, Wyoming

Stock Growers Association, Wyoming

Wool Growers Association, Wyoming Farm

Bureau Federation, Wyoming Mining Association

and the Petroleum Association of


As Upper Green River Basin landowners

and residents who watch, admire and work

to protect the longest known pronghorn and

mule deer migrations in the western hemisphere,

we urge the WGFD to continue

migration corridor designation efforts. We

request that WGFD considers hundreds of

comments supportive of migration corridor

designation submitted following six public

forums hosted the state in February.

We also appreciate years of work by the

Wyoming Migration Initiative and its partners

to document these migration corridors.

Millions of dollars and countless volunteer

hours have been spent by organizations and

individuals on wildlife-friendly fencing, conservation

easements, habitat enhancement

and public information campaigns.

Wyoming’s amazing wildlife migrations

are world-class treasures that are centuries

old, yet incredibly fragile. Once lost, these

vital habitats that connect crucial winter and

summer ranges may never recover. While

mule deer and pronghorn populations have

declined by as much as 60 percent over the

last decade, our efforts to protect and preserve

their migrations are more important

than ever.

We call on all Wyoming wildlife enthusiasts

to write to the Wyoming Game and Fish

Department in support of continued efforts to

designate big game migration corridors. Wyoming’s

wildlife needs our help.

Please write or call with any questions to

[email protected] or 307-367-3670.


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