Sublette County numbers reflect state’s COVID leap

Health officials encourage everyone to take simple steps to stop the spread of COVID-19: • If you are sick, stay home. • Practice social distancing. • Wear a face covering when you can't social distance. • Practice good hygiene, including frequent hand washing.


locals made it through last weekend without a

positive lab-confirmed COVID-19 test result,

both Sublette County and the state are both

experiencing unwelcome increases this week

in the pandemic’s growth.

On Wednesday – in one day alone – another

322 active cases were lab-confirmed across the

state to bring the total to 9,848 total confirmed

and probable COVID-19 cases and increasing


Subtracting those recovered means 2,274

“active” lab-tested people and 404 active

“probables” are spread throughout every


Sublette County

Thursday morning, Sublette County Public

Health reported 12 new COVID-19 cases

detected so far this week, with three new cases

on Monday, four new cases on Tuesday and

five new cases on Wednesday.

That brings Sublette County to a total of 154

cases on Thursday morning, with 19 currently

active, 134 recovered and one death, according

to Robin Carnes of Public Health. Fifty-five

people are in isolation or quarantine in the Big

Piney, Boulder, Cora, Daniel, Marbleton and

Pinedale areas.

appointments at the Pinedale Clinic on

Monday afternoons and at the Marbleton-Big

Piney Clinic on Tuesday afternoons, for drivethrough

free saliva testing – only for people

who do NOT have COVID symptoms, Carnes

said Thursday. Those who do have symptoms

will need to sign into the clinics for lab tests,

she said.

Essential personnel have been through

and now business owners and operators

can send employees for the free saliva test.

Carnes said Public Health hopes for a wide

“random” sampling to get a good coverage of

the county. Call 307-367-2157 to set up an


PINEDALE – On Oct.14, just after

noon, Sublette County Sheriff’s Office was

called in regards to an unresponsive male at

18 Badger Ridge Road off of Fayette Pole

Creek Road.

Upon arrival, Sheriff’s Office deputies

determined that the individual had passed

away in his home quite some time ago. The

individual was identified as 53-year-old

Sublette County resident Brett Palmer.

An autopsy concluded that Mr. Palmer

passed from a medical event and no foul

play has been suspected. The Sheriff’s

Office is asking the publics help of anyone

who had contact with Palmer during the

months of September and October to

contact Detective Travis Lanning to help

narrow down a time line.

As well, the agency is looking for a

cleaning business or possibly a close friend

who cleaned the home prior to his family’s


PINEDALE – The Sublette County School

District No. 1 board of trustees approved

changes to the Smart Start reopening plans at

Pinedale middle and elementary schools. The

brief special meeting occurred on Monday,

Oct. 19.

Pinedale Middle School presented a plan

to phase additional homeroom classes into the

• An average of 15 Pinedale Middle

School students each day are taking virtual


• At one point in September, 129 of

262 middle school students were failing at

least one class and were required to take an

additional eighth period assistance to have

more time to complete school work.

• About 50 percent of Pinedale Middle

School students take advantage of free

school breakfast.

• District-wide, school lunch participation

has increased by 75 students a day for lunch

and 175 students per day for breakfast over

last year.

• Skyline Academy’s enrollment has

dropped to 18 students due to students

transferring out of the district.

• Two Skyline Academy students use

online learning for medical reasons.

• Another 20 Pinedale Elementary

students have temporarily joined the 31

students already being served virtually as a

result of isolation or quarantine orders.

• Between Sept. 21 and Sept. 30, 35

students were sent home with COVID-19-

related symptoms.

• 145 students are receiving special

education services with four more getting

initial evaluation. This is down from 151

students last year.

• Pinedale High School has 318 students

with 14 being full-time virtual learners.

• The Pinedale Aquatic Center had 7,676

visits in September of 2020 compared to

8,587 in 2019.

Health officials encourage

everyone to take simple steps to stop

the spread of COVID-19:

• If you are sick, stay home.

• Practice social distancing.

• Wear a face covering when you

can't social distance.

• Practice good hygiene, including

frequent hand washing.

Sublette County numbers reflect state’s COVID leap

By Joy Ufford

[email protected]

In the beginning of the pandemic, Sublette

County managed to maintain one of the state’s

lowest levels for several months.

Public Health reported recently that the

virus jumped the boundary of personal contact

transmissions to communitywide transmissions

locally, a trend also found statewide.


Some transmissions occur at social

gatherings and businesses where people

do not follow social distance and facemask

guidelines. Other cases might be spread by

people who have “colds” but do not want to

be tested, according to Gov. Mark Gordon on

Oct. 21.

He and Dr. Alexia Harrist urged people

with these symptoms to stay home, get

medical care if needed and observe publicsafety

recommendations of facemasks, social

distancing and hand washing.

In 15 days previous, the statewide average

has been 152 new cases confirmed daily, “a

straight line upwards,” he said Wednesday. “All

23 counties have new cases and … I expect the

citizens know someone who has been quite ill.”

The governor called out people who argue

wearing masks violates their rights, saying

“patriots” should want to improve the economy

and get the state back on track.

Free saliva test

Sublette County Public Health is making

Residents can also request a free at-home

test from the Wyoming Department of Health

that will be done via telehealth.

Go to

District board of trustees approve changes to Smart Start Plans


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