Sublette County Artists’ Guild early activities

Celebrating the 95th anniversary of the existence of the Sublette County Artists’ Guild as a nonprofit organization is far from boring! 

The membership of the Artists’ Guild has always been very involved in creating countywide community events. In 1935 the club sponsored a reenactment of the Green River Rendezvous, with members writing the script and helping put on the show at the Daniel historical site. The pageant has continued on in the same tradition under the sponsorship of the Sublette County Historical Society and now the Green River Rendezvous Pageant Association.

During the 1940s Ida Mae Pfisterer directed a play that was presented in Big Piney and Pinedale, “The Taming of the Shrew.” I can imagine the fun the ladies had in putting on such a play! The costumes must have been something else!

Not only did the club sponsor essay contests in the Sublette County high schools with an awards banquet and monetary prizes, they sponsored a musical at each high school with the admittance fees going to each school’s music program.

In 1952 and 1953 the Artists’ Guild sponsored the Old Timer’s picnic, which is still carried on today by the Daniel Community Center. The picnic has always been a highlight of the summer to visit with longtime friends and to make new friends.

The Guild has published several books of short stories, poems and history of pioneering in Wyoming. The first book, “Carvings on the Aspens,” was dedicated to the founder, Lora Jewett, and copyrighted in 1956. The proceeds from the sales of this well-received book were given to the Big Piney and Pinedale libraries.

Guild members selected a committee to compile the book, “Tales of the Seeds-Ke-Dee,” which was copyrighted in 1963 and was a huge success.

“A Pouch of Possibles,” the third book, published in 1969, was a compilation of members’ writings, dedicated to Helen Sargent. Mrs. Sargent kept the scrapbooks throughout the years of the Guild’s activities, memberships and meetings.

The Sublette County Artists’ Guild has accomplished so much for the communities by writing the history from so long ago to the present membership keeping up the tradition.   


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