Students of the Month recognized

Pinedale High School Principal Brian Brisko congratulates Keegan Gehlhausen as Student of the Month for March.

The Sublette County

School District No. 1 board of trustees recognized

four Students of the Month for March

and April at its regular meeting on April 11.

Pinedale Elementary kindergarten teacher

Kelli Harrower nominated Avery Brown as

the school’s Student of the Month for April.

“(Brown) is courteous, kind and eager to

learn,” Harrower wrote in a letter to the board.

Brown is a “great friend to others,” Harrower

explained, and he inspires his classmates

to do better. Brown is not afraid to offer

help to students who may be struggling and

give them the reassurance that they can do the


Harrower noted that Brown is always courteous

in the classroom and outside at recess.

He is always kind to classroom volunteers,

teachers, support staff and administrators, she

added. Brown also does not shy away from

making mistakes and learning from them.

“Brown lights up the classroom each and

every day with his enthusiasm for learning,”

Harrower wrote. “He delights in using his

newfound knowledge and sharing his insights

with us in the classroom. Brown is always

willing to take risks and try new things or use

his learning in new or novel ways.”

Pinedale Middle School language arts

teacher Jolie Dorrell recognized Kloe Nichols

as Student of the Month for April. Dorrell

stated in a letter to the board that she has Nichols

in two of her classes and works with Nichols

in the Lindamood Bell reading program.

Nichols’ improvement in reading and

math over the last year was impressive, Dorrell

said. Nichols is not afraid to speak up and

offer a hand to her peers. Her high confidence

“bubbles over with enthusiasm for learning,”

Dorrell added.

If Nichols is faced with a setback, she will

learn from it and take control of the problem,

Dorrell explained. Nichols usually only

misses word and math problems once, Dorrell


“Nichols is a great example of responsibility,

increasing maturity and determination to

succeed,” Dorrell said. “I enjoy working with

her every day and feel confident that she will

be a good role model for others during her

time as Student of the Month and beyond.”

Pinedale High School Activities Director

Jake Rich nominated sophomore Keegan Gehlhausen

as Student of the Month for exhibiting

March’s character trait of patience.

Rich explained that Gehlhausen did a “phenomenal

job demonstrating patience” while

working toward becoming a state champion

in wrestling. Gehlhausen put in a lot of extra

work this season to overcome setbacks, and

maintained top grades in school all winter,

Rich said.

“In the semifinal match, Gehlhausen found

himself down by a significant amount of

points,” Rich said. “During the course of the

match he showed patience while being urgent

and taking advantage of the correct moment

to end up winning the match and enduring

the course to become a two-time State Champion.

He is a great asset to PHS and works

hard and is always willing to go the extra mile

to accomplish his dreams.”

Skyline Academy Principal Eric Makelky

presented sophomore Kaleb King as Student

of the Month for demonstrating “excellence

in the character trait of respect.”

King exhibits kindness and politeness on

a daily basis, Makelky said. He is willing to

help clean up after lunch, removes his hat in

the building and greets staff and peers with


King’s sense of humor has emerged this

year, Makelky explained, and he has the ability

to lighten the mood in a classroom in an

appropriate and inoffensive way.

“King is consistently kind to his peers at

Skyline,” Makelky said. “He is willing to

work with, sit next to and speak with any and

all of his peers at school. His calm demeanor

enables high-energy peers to take it down a

notch when interacting with him. His manners

make him a pleasure to work with each