Special delivery from Pinedale

No matter where the destination, each unit is marked with a special sign reminding everyone it was manufactured in Pinedale.

Enviremedial Services, Inc., completed two

self-contained wash basins, which shipped this week to Coronado

Island, Calif.

Made at the company’s recently relocated manufacturing

facility in Pinedale, the company has upcoming contracts for

dozens of the units that will go to military bases throughout the

United States. The wash units in some cases are solar powered,

and recycle and polish the water for reuse. The technology

reduces water waste, but also reduces hazardous contaminants

that are costly to dispose.

Already in service in Puerto Rico, the company also designs

rainwater collection and purification systems that are used on

military bases. Completely self-contained and able to run without

a power supply, the system enables the distribution of purified

water even if there is a disruption in water services due

to unforeseen events, such as a hurricane.

The company recently received a Wyoming Business

Council loan to purchase property near the airport on Runway

Lane. Administered through Sublette County, a portion of the

loan as it is repaid will go to the county and be used for future

business loans.

Sublette County asked for $1,032,500 to purchase a building

that houses Enviremedia Services, Inc., and the 2.15 acres

of land it occupies. ESI originally leased the building as a manufacturing

facility, but needed to expand to keep pace with

government contracts it has been awarded. Sublette County

will own the building, and ESI will pay lease payments to the

county for 20 years. ESI will also pay for the building’s 2,400

square-foot expansion.


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