Soll named ‘Emerging Planner’

Courtesy photo

SUBLETTE COUNTY – Wyoming Planning Association (WYOPASS) is the sole professional planning organization in the state of Wyoming with a membership of at least 250. It’s comprised of city, town and county planning officials, as well as planning and zoning commission members and consultants.

WYOPASS holds two conferences annually, one in the spring and one in the fall. WYOPASS will also host the Western Planners Conference in Cheyenne in the fall of 2024. This organization provides critical training, professional development, planning commission training, and more.

Sublette County Deputy Planner Tess Soll was honored recently as “Emerging Planner of the Year.”

Soll currently serves on the WYOPASS board as the legislative liaison and represents the APA (American Planning Association) West Central Chapter. She will represent WYOPASS and APA West Central Chapter at the APA Legislative Liaison Conference this winter.

Soll also serves as an appointment member by WYOPASS, on the WyACT committee, Wyoming Anticipating Climate Transitions. This is a 5-year project with the University of Wyoming studying the potential future climate-driven changes to the hydrologic cycle in the headwaters regions of western Wyoming and the associated impacts of those changes on interconnected ecological and social systems.