Skyline High waves goodbye to its 11 graduates

PINEDALE – Skyline Academy’s John Snell spoke to the 11 soon-to-be graduates of the small Pinedale high school Class of 2022 on Thursday, May 26 – outlining the differences between “graduation” and “commencement” and honoring each senior for dancing to their personal beats.

To illustrate the individual ways the Skyline seniors succeeded, Snell showed a variety of humorous clips of very young baseball players’ unique approaches to the game, wrapping up with the running of the Kentucky Derby on May 7 as Rich Strike came from behind to win the esteemed race.

Superintendent Shannon Harris and school board trustees shook each graduate’s hand with family often presenting the diplomas and heartfelt hugs. Skyline Academy’s Class of 2022 then threw their caps – many decorated for the occasion – and turned to face the crowd in the Sheppard Auditorium as young men and women ready to take on the world.

Skyline Academy’s graduates are Marta Angeles, Ali Butterfield, Duke Carson, Lucas Hughes, Cody Karlsson, Tyler Kothe, O’Reilly Richey, Jazmyn Peterson, Brooke Pollard, Jill Warembourg and Zach Wiley.

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