Six Wrangler football players make All-Conference team

Fall sports season has come

to a close, and the Wyoming Coaches Association

released its annual All-Conference list

for football on Sunday, Nov. 25. Six players

from Pinedale made the 2019 roster: Thomas

Harnack, Kaleb Bigelow, Carson Gregory,

Dodge Westercamp, Colby White and Konner


“With all of these players, I’d like to highlight

that they each put the team first in everything

that they did,” said Head Football Coach

Clay Cundall. With a small roster to work

with, all the players that made All-Conference

played both offense and defense

Senior Thomas Harnack played running

back and cornerback. Harnack finished the

season averaging 98.6 all-purpose yards per

game – 690 in total. He averaged 50.6 rushing

yards and 17.4 receiving yards per game. Harnack

scored a total of 42 points on offense, for

an average of six points per game.

On defense, Harnack made 30 tackles for

the season, earning 8.3 defensive points per


“Harnack was a very reliable running back

who could make plays in both the run game

and in the passing game,” Cundall said. “He

had a good physical presence on the defensive

side of the ball and was an explosive kick returner.

He helped give our offense a spark with

his speed and experience.”

Junior Kaleb Bigelow made the roster as a

safety on defense and receiver on offense. Bigelow

achieved a total of 75 yards in receiving,

By Robert Galbreath

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opening seconds at the 25-yard line. He dodged

tackle after tackle and ran the ball all the way

to the end zone for an incredible 75-yard run.

The Wranglers’ homecoming victory

against Greybull was another highlight.

“It was cool when all the fans started storming

the field, even though that made Coach a

little mad.”

White started playing football at Pinedale

Middle School in sixth grade. He found inspiration

through his father, a high school football

player and member of the University of Utah

Utes. White said that he developed his strong

work ethic from his father, “One of the hardest

working people I know.”

White also looked up to older players in

Pinedale, particularly Class of 2019 alumni

Josef McCulloch.

“I wanted to play the same way that (Mc-

Cullough) did – running through people instead

of around them.”

White also credits his teammates for helping

him improve during the season.

“Everyone on the team pushed each other to

be the best they could be,” he said.

White is a multisport athlete and the week

football ended, he was already lacing up ice

skates and hockey pads to play for the Glaciers.

In spring, White trades his ice skates for running

shoes and runs sprints for the track team.

Between a heavy school load, year-round

sports and a summer job, White does not have

a lot of free time. When he does find time for

himself, he heads for the outdoors where he

enjoys fishing and hunting – anything “out in


In school, White’s favorite subject is math

and he is considering a future career in engineering.

At the end of the day, however, football is

number one.

“Football definitely hurts a lot more and

takes a lot out of you,” he said. “But it brings

people together.”

Playing both offense and defense is exhausting,

and White’s advice is to stay mentally focused

on the moment.

“You have to play one down at a time,” he

said. “After that down is over, you forget it and

move on to the next one.”

Despite the challenges the Wranglers faced

this year, White said he would do it all over

again, and plans to play next year.

“If I had a chance, I wouldn’t change anything

about this year,” he said. “The coaches

did really well and the team became a brotherhood,

a family.”


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an average of 10.7 yards per game. On defense,

he pulled out 31 tackles, 4.4 per game. Twenty

of Bigelow’s 31 tackles were solo tackles and

he averaged 8.9 defensive points per game.

“Bigelow was an intelligent safety and was

a sound tackler defensively,” Cundall said. “He

was a reliable target in the passing game and

a key contributor on special teams. Kaleb was

always willing and able to do his part to help

the team.”

Carson Gregory, also a junior, was an offensive

center and defensive end this year. Gregory

made a total of 33 tackles, an average of 4.7 per

game. Eight tackles were solo efforts, including

two tackles resulting in a loss of yards and

one quarterback sack behind the line of scrimmage.

Gregory averaged 6.7 defensive points

per game.

“Gregory became a key contributor on offense

and defense, made physical blocks up

front and used good technique defensively,”

Cundall said. “He played with speed on the

defensive side of the ball, and was very assignment

sound on the offensive line.”

Dodge Westercamp played offensive guard

and defensive tackle for the team this year.

With a total of 22 tackles, Westercamp averaged

4.6 defensive points and 3.1 tackles per

game. Four of the tackles were solo efforts, and

three resulted in a loss of yards for the opponent.

“Westercamp was an anchor on the offensive

line, created a lot of space for our

run game and was a good physical presence

in the interior of our defense,” Cundall said.

“Westercamp was disruptive to the opponent

on the defensive side of the ball and a key

player on the offensive line.”

Sophomore quarterback Konner Ziegler

rounded out the All-State roster. The young

player rushed a total of 312 yards, 44.6 per

game. As quarterback, Ziegler led in passing

at 38.1 yards per game. Overall, in all-purpose

offense, Ziegler totaled 579 yards, or 82.7 per

game. Ziegler scored 3.4 points per game and

averaged 3.3 defensive points per game with 15


“Ziegler made a lot of plays at the quarterback

position, makes good decisions when executing

the option play and made a lot of strides

as a passer,” Cundall said. “He has a great teamfirst

attitude and showed a lot of improvement

as the season progressed.”


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