Sheriff’s office seeks assistance

On Oct.14, just after

noon, Sublette County Sheriff’s Office was

called in regards to an unresponsive male at

18 Badger Ridge Road off of Fayette Pole

Creek Road.

Upon arrival, Sheriff’s Office deputies

determined that the individual had passed

away in his home quite some time ago. The

individual was identified as 53-year-old

Sublette County resident Brett Palmer.

An autopsy concluded that Mr. Palmer

passed from a medical event and no foul

play has been suspected. The Sheriff’s

Office is asking the publics help of anyone

who had contact with Palmer during the

months of September and October to

contact Detective Travis Lanning to help

narrow down a time line.

As well, the agency is looking for a

cleaning business or possibly a close friend

who cleaned the home prior to his family’s



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