SCSD1 honors Students of the Month

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PINEDALE – The Sublette County School District No. 1 Board of Trustees recognized eight Students of the Month at its Nov. 11 meeting. In order to give each student equal coverage, the September Students of the Month ran in last week’s edition of the Roundup. The October Students of the Month are featured below.

Pinedale Elementary kindergarten teacher Cindy Johnson nominated Lewis Wells as Student of the Month for October. Wells possesses “many skills and traits” making him an “exceptional student” and a team leader, Johnson wrote to the board.

“Lewis is responsible and leads by example as he always follows rules and kindly encourages other students to do the same,” Johnson said. “He loves to learn and is very attentive. He always follows directions and completes assignments in a timely manner.”

Wells particularly enjoys learning to write and his favorite parts of the week are classes like P.E., art, music and library, Johnson added.

Exhibiting empathy and caring, Wells is a “friend to all,” Johnson stated.

“Lewis’ favorite thing about kindergarten are his classmates because they are good friends,” she explained. “He is compassionate and is always helping others.”

Wells plans to become a firefighter because “it would be cool to put out fires,” Johnson wrote. He likes helping his mother make treats and working outside with his dad.

“I look forward to seeing and hearing many great things from Lewis in the years to come,” Johnson said.

Sandy Cenac, Pinedale Middle School language arts interventionist and teacher, honored eighth-grader Mia Lehr as October Student of the Month. Cenac recognized Lehr for demonstrating the monthly character trait – believing in one’s ability to learn.

“Mia’s growth mindset has been apparent since the very beginning of this school year,” Cenac told the board. “I noticed that she had reached a new level of confidence and determination when she began contributing to class discussions, enthusiastically offering unique perspectives. She has self-advocated in terms of asking questions for clarification, not ceasing until she is comfortable with her level of understanding.”

Lehr perseveres with a positive attitude when faced with a challenge, Cenac said, and the eight-grader refuses to let frustration get in the way.

“Because of this persistence, she has reached an impressive level of independence which will serve her well as she makes the upcoming transition to high school,” Cenac added.

Lehr’s conviction in her learning ability positively affects her classmates, Cenac explained.

“Because of her participation in extracurricular activities and her willingness to engage with peers, Mia’s tenacity to succeed sets an example for others who might be struggling to see themselves as capable of reaching their own potentials,” Cenac said. “I count Mia as a valuable member of Pinedale Middle School, and I am proud to have her represent our school as the recipient of this honor.”

Pinedale High School faculty member Jade Wickham nominated sophomore Aurick Lilis as Student of the Month for October. Lilis exemplifies respect toward teachers and peers on a daily basis, Wickham wrote to the board.

“I see him in the hallways being friendly and observant,” Wickham said. “He always asks me, as well as others, how they are doing. He is polite, is always a good listener, does what is asked of him and is very open to feedback. He helps others and works very hard to get his school work finished on time and makes very good use of class time.”

PHS Principal Brian Brisko described Lilis as one of “the most fun kids to be around” and “the most respectful gentleman” at school.

“If you walk past Aurick, he will always ask you how you are doing,” Brisko added. “He will ask how your day has gone and if there’s anything he can do to help. Talk about a guy that makes our school better. He brightens people’s day and I’m super proud of Aurick.”

Melissa Allen, a teacher at Skyline Academy, honored senior Lucas Hughes as October Student of the Month. Hughes reflects Skyline’s operating principals – relationships, respect and responsibility – Allen wrote.

“Lucas has shown an amazing commitment to his learning and to his role as a Skyline Student,” Allen added.

In addition to academic success, Hughes is a strong leader, Allen said.

“Lucas demonstrates leadership qualities by modeling personal responsibility, respecting himself and others around him, fairness and good citizenship,” Allen explained. “He is always the student who is motivating others to do their best.”

Hughes consistently comes to class prepared, is willing to offer a smile each day and “represents Skyline with dignity,” Allen stated.

“Lucas has been a positive role model at Skyline this year,” Allen told the school board. “He is mature and not afraid to be himself and will always stick up for what is right, even if it is the unpopular choice. Lucas is a great student and I look forward to seeing what he will accomplish in the future.”

Robert Galbreath photos