Raven SR acquires manufacturing company

PINEDALE – Local waste-to-renewable company Raven SR, Inc., announced on Wednesday morning that it has acquired Benicia Fabrication & Machine, Inc., which will construct several key components of Raven’s Steam/CO2 Reformer system just as the company looks to meet an increased demand for green hydrogen and renewable synthetic fuels.

According to a news release issued from the deal, this acquisition will expand Raven SR’s capability by providing integrated solutions for customers with quality control of production units and the resilience of supply chains during manufacturing.

Benicia Fabrication & Machine is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and brings experience in production of pressure vessels, heat exchangers and other crucial operational equipment as power and utilities sectors. BFM will fabricate the proprietary reactors of the Raven SR systems to be installed in 2022 for waste-to-energy projects in California and serve as part of Raven’s expanding global project endeavors.

“By acquiring an American firm with a record of success in the energy sector, we will reliably deliver our renewable fuels production units to a growing market,” Raven SR CEO Matt Murdock said in a release. “Companies and consumers are demanding responses to climate change sooner rather than later and our acquisition of BFM means we can meet the challenge now and mitigate manufacturing disruptions.”

BFM will retain its name and existing CEO, Carmelo Santiago, P.E., will become vice president of manufacturing at Raven, as well as president of BFM as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Raven SR. BFM will continue to serve its existing customers in the refining and utility sectors.

“Becoming part of Raven SR launches us into renewable energy, giving us the immediate opportunity to join the energy transition,” Santiago said in a release. “By combining our mechanical engineering know-how and Raven SR’s chemical engineering advances, we can serve a broader array of customers across the energy spectrum.”