Ranchers come together for annual branding

BONDURANT – As the early morning sun crested above the Gros Ventre Range Saturday morning, cowboys and cowgirls at the Little Jennie Ranch in Bondurant drove a herd of cattle across bright green pasture for the annual spring branding.

More than 30 local friends and fellow ranchers rallied together to give a helping hand, as spring calves need proper vaccinations, branding, notching of the ear and for males to be castrated before being released back into open pasture.

The annual tradition serves multiple purposes. Along with a morning of hard work, branding day is also a big social event for local ranchers. In the midst of branding, others would arrive on scene, inspiring a brief break to visit with friends.

Following a few hours of hard work, ropers ensured no stragglers remained, bringing the morning of work to a close. Cowboys and cowgirls then saddled up on their trusty horses and rode back to ranch headquarters to catch up, crack open an ice cold beer and enjoy a warm meal provided by ranch manager Gerry Endecott’s wife Rusty.


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