Pushing snow onto town streets ‘not acceptable’

Town of Pinedale photograph A large pile of snow pushed onto the middle of a Pinedale street by a resident or business earlier this winter. Plowing or shoveling snow onto town streets violates town code and businesses and can result in a citation.

PINEDALE – A series of storms around the holidays blanketed Pinedale with snow – a welcome sight for winter sports enthusiasts and a healthy addition to the seasonal snowpack.

Removing snow from Pine Street and side streets across town can be an enormous undertaking for a small staff after a heavy storm. The job is compounded when residents and businesses do not follow town codes on proper snow removal, stated Mayor Matt Murdock during the Jan. 23 town council meeting.

Plowing or shoveling snow from private driveways, sidewalks or parking lots onto the street is a violation of town ordinance and is “not acceptable,” Murdock said. The town directed the municipal officer to begin issuing citations to people violating town ordinances on snow removal, he added.

Keeping sidewalks in front of residences and businesses is the responsibility of the property owner, Murdock emphasized.

Pushing snow onto streets can impede travel, create a public safety hazard and generate additional work for town staff stretched thin, said Abram Pearce, director of public works. Town staff follow a “regimented zone process” to plow streets, he explained.

Once a street has been cleared of snow, sending staff back to remove piles of snow pushed onto that street by residents or businesses places a burden on the town’s limited staff and resources, Pearce said.

Mayor Murdock thanked town staff for the hard work they put into clearing Pinedale’s streets during winter storms in December and early January.

“The town staff does an amazing job,” he said.

Sheriff K.C. Lehr echoed Murdock’s sentiments during the town council meeting. He reported numerous residents praised town staff’s efforts to maintain clear streets this winter.

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