Pinedale track finds success in shuffled schedule

PINEDALE – A stormfront moving through Wyoming last week brought winter conditions and played havoc on outdoor sports events.

The Green River High School Track and Field Invite on Friday, April 22, went ahead as scheduled before the weather forced organizers to end the event with less than half of events completed.

The Kemmerer Invite, originally set to take place on Saturday, was rescheduled for Monday, April 25, due to snow, wind and frigid temperatures.

The Pinedale High School track team took the elements and abrupt schedule changes in stride. Athletes scooped up hardware in events at Green River. No team scores were kept.

On Monday evening, the team regrouped and scored points at Kemmerer. The boys swept the competition, taking first place overall with 146.50 points. The girls came in third place with 147.33 points.

Head coach Kyle Sullivan was pleased with the team’s efforts.

“Green River was unfortunately cut short due to the weather, but the kids that were able to compete worked really hard,” he said. “With Kemmerer, starting a track meet late in the day is always interesting for athletes, as meets are typically an all-day event, but our team performed really well in the evening format. Lots of kids were able to achieve season best makes and their performances are certainly trending in the right direction.”

Green River highlights

Sophomore Katyana Dexter continued her winning streak in girls’ discus. Her first-place throw cleared 119 feet, 6 inches, beating the runner-up from Lyman by nearly 8 feet. Dexter finished third in the shot put with a mark of 32 feet, 8 inches.

Freshman Elyn Bowers earned silver in the girls’ long jump with a leap measured at 16 feet, 5 1/4 inches. Senior Maggie Harber took home bronze in the girls’ triple jump, hitting a mark of 31 feet.

The girls’ 1600-meter sprint medley relay team picked up gold. Junior Mikayla Drake, freshman Sarah Helm, sophomore Lauren Jones and freshman Mae McGuire beat Green River by 4.5 seconds with a time of 4:59.90.

Senior Jacob Bain, senior James Kervitsky, sophomore Liam O’Connor and junior Nicholas Vitanza scored second place in the boys 1600 sprint medley with a time of 4:18.75.

Kemmerer highlights

Freshman Madison Antonino won the girls’ 1600-meter run, timing in at 5 minutes, 46.91 seconds. She beat the second-place finisher from Lyman by almost 30 seconds.

Antonino also captured gold in the 800-meter run at 2:37.24.

Dexter took first place in girls’ discus, marked at 129 feet, 3 inches, winning by 18 feet, 11 inches.

In boys’ sprinting events, Kervitsky seized gold in both the 100- and 200-meter dashes. He timed the 100 meter in at 11.74 seconds and hit a mark of 23.64 seconds in the 200 meter. Kervitsky pre-qualified for State in the 200 meter.

Freshman Nicolas Sletten won the boys’ triple jump, clearing 37 feet, 8 inches and beating the runner-up from Kemmerer by 2 feet, 8 inches.

Junior Rhonda Auradou secured second place in the girls’ 100-meter hurdles, finishing the event in 17.74 seconds. She tied for second place in the high jump at 4 feet, 5 inches.

Helm placed second in the girls’ 800-meter run with a time of 2:50.04. Harber took silver in the girls’ triple jump, leaping 30 feet, 11 1/2 inches.

In boys’ distance events, sophomore Michael Casebolt finished second in the 1600-meter run at 6:22.92. O’Connor took silver in the 3200-meter run at 12:24.46.

Bowers secured bronze in the girls’ 100-meter dash, clocking in at 13.77 seconds. Freshmen Lauryn Scurlock and Madeline Hawke tied for third in the girls’ high jump with a mark of 4 feet, 3 inches.

Freshman Ian Obod placed third in both the boys’ 100-meter dash, at 11.94 seconds, and the triple jump, at 33 feet, 1/4 inch.

In the boys’ high jump, juniors Luke Gray and Hayden Jones tied for third, both clearing 5 feet. Gray also picked up bronze in the 300-meter hurdles at 52.97 seconds.

Relay teams put in solid performances. The boys’ 4x100-meter team bagged gold. Kervitsky, Vitanza, senior Konner Ziegler and freshman Joseph Bain clocked in at 46.74 seconds, edging Lyman out by nearly 5 seconds.

Joseph Bain, Gray, Sletten and freshman James Tolson snagged silver in the boys’ 1600-meter sprint medley relay with a time of 4:12.61.

Jacob Bain, junior Dillon Boespflug, Tolson and Joseph Bain placed second in the boys’ 4x400-meter relay at 4:09.74.

In the girls’ 1600-meter sprint medley, Drake, Helm, Lauren Jones and McGuire pulled into second place at 4:59.65. Auradou, Bowers, junior Mandy Majhanovich and junior Stephanie Resendiz Hernandez scored silver in the girls’ 4x100-meter relay, clocking in at 53.79 seconds. The team also pre-qualified for State.

Helm, freshman Matazi Landers, McGuire and Antonino secured second place in the girls’ 4x400-meter relay at 4:42.54.

Additional girls’ results – Green River

  • 100 meter: Majhanovich in fourth place at 13.73 seconds, Resendiz Hernandez in 10th at 14.22, Isabelle Rigo in 17th at 15.26, Madyson Gutierrez in 21st at 15.78, Hawke in 24th at 16.17 and Paiyzli Baker in 27th at 17.45.
  • 100 hurdles: Resendiz Hernandez in seventh place at 19.46 seconds, McGuire in 14th at 22.07 and Baker in 17th at 23.66.
  • High jump: Scurlock, Hawke and Helm tied for 15th place at 4-00.
  • Pole vault: Rigo in 12th place at 6-06.
  • Long jump: Harber in ninth place at 14-08 1/2 and Majhanovich in 10th at 14-05 1/2.
  • Triple jump: Rigo in 11th place at 28-05 1/4 and Drake in 13th at 28-01 1/4.

Additional boys’ results – Green River

  • 100 meter: Kervitsky in fourth place at 11.95 seconds, Joseph Bain in 10th at 12.32, Obod in 18th at 12.77 and Labrador in 24th at 13.20.
  • High jump: Ryley Lea in 10th place at 5-00.
  • Triple jump: Alexander Gosar in seventh place at 32-02 and Obod in eighth at 32-00 1/2.
  • Shot put: Austin Green in eighth place at 36-10, Doug Dexter in 12th at 32-07, Cade Covill in 21st at 28-05, O’Connor in 25th at 26-10, Casebolt in 26th at 25-06 and Alejandro Hernandez in 28th at 23-08.

Additional girls’ results – Kemmerer

  • Triple jump: Drake in fourth place at 29-00 and Rigo in sixth at 27-09 1/2.
  • Long jump: Majhanovich in fifth place at 15-06, Bowers in sixth at 14-10 3/4 and Harber in eighth at 13-06 1/2.
  • High jump: Helm and McGuire tied for fourth place at 4-01.
  • 100 hurdles: Seren Noble in fifth place at 18.53 seconds, Resendiz Hernandez in sixth at 18.54, McGuire in eighth at 20.87 and Baker in 11th at 23.98.
  • 100 meter: Majhanovich in fifth place at 13.81 seconds, Resendiz Hernandez in seventh at 13.90, Drake in 10th at 14.42, Auradou in 11th at 14.44, Evelynn Shivers in 14th at 14.84, Scurlock in 16th at 15.24, Rigo in 17th at 15.42, Gutierrez in 19th at 15.88 and Hawke in 20th at 15.93.
  • 400 meter: Bowers in fourth place at 1:06.21, Majhanovich in fifth at 1:06.85 and Landers in eighth at 1:10.74.
  • 300 hurdles: Lauren Jones in fourth place at 55.74 seconds.
  • 200 meter: Drake in fourth place at 29.84 seconds, Rigo in ninth at 31.74, Scurlock in 10th at 32.44, Shivers and Hawke tied for 12th at 33.24, Gutierrez in 15th at 34.04 and Baker in 17th at 35.77.
  • Discus: Ashley Boulter in 14th place at 76-02, Morgan Grossman in 15th at 72-06 and Karsyn Henn in 18th at 66-01.
  • Shot put: Boulter in 12th place at 25-03, Grossman in 15th at 24-03 and Henn in 18th at 21-11.

Additional boys’ results – Kemmerer

  • Long jump: Sawyer Siefkes in fourth place at 16-11 1/4, Lea in fifth at 16-10, Vitanza in sixth at 16-08 1/2, Obod in seventh at 16-02 1/2, Oscar Huerta in eighth at 16-01 3/4, Boespflug in ninth at 15-11 1/4, Leopoldo Labrador in 10th at 15-11 and Gosar in 13th at 11-01 1/2.
  • 100 meter: Joseph Bain in seventh place at 12.34 seconds, Ziegler in ninth at 12.45, Vitanza in 10th at 12.55, Labrador in 11th at 12.64, Lea in 12th at 12.70, Jacob Bain in 14th at 12.84, Owen McMillen in 16th at 13.11, Sletten in 17th at 13.13, Huerta and Corey DeClue tied for 18th at 13.14, Hayden Jones in 21st at 13.24, Dalton Fryman in 22nd at 13.35 and Gosar in 24th at 14.87.
  • 400 meter: McMillen in fifth place at 58.94 seconds and Siefkes in eighth at 1:01.56.
  • 200 meter: Ziegler in fourth place at 25.54 seconds, Boespflug in fifth at 26.41, Sletten in sixth at 26.54, Labrador in eighth at 27.04, Fryman in ninth at 27.64, Siefkes in 11th at 28.38 and Connor Crockett in 12th at 29.48.
  • Discus: Green in seventh place at 107-04, O’Connor in 13th at 78-06, Dexter in 14th at 76-00, Covill in 15th at 74-11, Crockett in 16th at 73-06, Hernandez in 17th at 71-09, DeClue in 19th at 68-03 and Casebolt in 20th at 66-06.
  • Shot put: Green in fourth place at 36-11, Dexter in 10th at 30-02 1/4, Covill in 11th at 29-11, O’Connor in 14th at 28-09 1/2, DeClue in 17th at 25-01, Hernandez in 18th at 24-05, Casebolt in 19th at 23-09 and Fryman in 20th at 20-11.