Pinedale Rifle and Pistol Club hosts youth long-range .22LR shooting class

Shepard Humphries courtesy photo Keagan Lamppa, left, and Grady Petersen, right, successfully completed a special long-range shooting course held in Sublette County on Sept. 30. A second class, for youth 14 to 17 years old, is scheduled for Oct. 21. For more information, visit

PINEDALE — The Pinedale Rifle and Pistol Club’s facility echoed with shots and enthusiasm as young participants demonstrated their shooting prowess during a special long-range shooting class held on Sept. 30.

Instructors Shepard Humphries and CJ Proctor, both of the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience and residents of Sublette County, orchestrated the class designed specifically for youth.

The event catered to kids between the ages of 10 and 14. The morning kicked off with lessons on sighting-in the .22 long rifle at 50 yards. The instruction then transitioned to the challenges of a 100-yard distance, introducing the youngsters to the 6-inch bullet drop and taking into consideration variables such as bullet weight, shape and velocity.

Grady Petersen and Keagan Lamppa ventured to strike targets from a staggering 304 yards away. To do so, they had to aim approximately 10 feet above their targets. From the time the bullet exited the muzzle, it took more than 1.5 seconds until the sound of the “ding” returned to the shooter’s ears.

Humphries and Proctor both highlighted that while the thrill of long-range and extreme long-range shooting is undeniable, ethical big-game hunting is typically conducted at closer ranges. “Pushing rifles beyond their traditional limits is for recreation and sport, not hunting,” Humphries said.

Reflecting on the day, Humphries remarked, “The joy of witnessing young folks achieve hits at previously unattained distances, and their ‘aha moments’ when grasping the external ballistic intricacies of long-range shooting, is truly special.”

Such initiatives by the Pinedale Rifle and Pistol Club aim to enhance firearm safety awareness and foster an interest in shooting sports among the younger generation. Humphries acknowledged the class was not profitable in monetary terms, but the value in sparking interest and passion in local youth was priceless.
“We earned extreme profits by seeing the joy and interest we ignited for long-range shooting,” Humphries noted.

For those intrigued, another youth long-range 22LR class for ages 14 to 17 will be on Oct. 21.
A beaming Coach Proctor chimed in, “I had a blast teaching, and I can’t wait for the next class!”
Interested parties can find more details and register online at under the “workshops” tab.