Pinedale man charged with hitting 2 with truck

Hours after

being kicked out of a bar on Sept. 11, Ivan

G. Sandoval was arrested for driving under

the influence of alcohol and for running into

two people with his truck.

Sandoval was charged Sept. 14 with

alleged drunk driving and two felony

counts of aggravated assault and battery

with a deadly weapon – running into a man

and a woman with whom he was arguing,

according to Circuit Court records.

Sublette County Deputy Dan McClure

wrote in his affidavit that he was one of

four deputies that responded to an “ongoing

domestic” at the Corral Bar and that

Sandoval had struck another man and was

kicked out after the fight was broken up.

Sandoval’s friends stayed at the bar

and went home when it closed. They tried

to move a woman who had passed out on

Speeding driver arrested for LSD, psilocybin


Highway Patrol trooper searched a Toyota

4-Runner on Sept. 13 after the driver was

pulled over for speeding and found felony

amounts of liquid LSD and LSD “dabs.”

Cameron M. Smith, of Breckinridge,

Colo., was driving his Toyota 4-Runner

south on Highway 191 near Bondurant

By Joy Ufford

[email protected]

the counter into a chair and she reacted

physically by striking a man three times in

the face, it says.

In the meantime the others were trying to

get Sandoval out of their house, the affidavit

says. The passed-out woman was “acting

crazy” so someone brought her outside.

Sandoval then backed over a barbecue

grill and drove forward and hit the woman,

knocking her down about 10 feet away, it


As a man tried to pull her away, Sandoval

allegedly hit him and ran over his foot. He

was arrested and taken into custody where at

the jail he told staff he had been exposed to

COVID-19, the affidavit says.

The woman, Kerstan Willis, was arrested

for assault and public intoxication, according

to McClure.

Sandoval was being held on $20,000 cash

or surety bond with a preliminary hearing

set for Sept. 23 that will be rescheduled with

Judge Curt Haws out of town this week.



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