Pinedale gains experience in loaded volleyball weekend


RAWLINS – Tournament season wound down for the Lady Wranglers at the Rawlins Volleyball Invitational on Sept. 10-11. Pinedale took on 3A teams from across the state, gaining valuable insight into opponents it will face later in the season along with potential postseason adversaries.

Friday’s action featured pool play with each match consisting of two fast and furious sets played to 21 points. The Lady Wranglers fought Burns and Newcastle to 1-1 draws each before trouncing Lovell, 2-0.

The Lady Wranglers moved into the old bracket on Saturday where competition followed the same format with additional sets played to 15 points to break a stalemate.

The Lady Wranglers drew conference rival Lyman in the first game, falling in two sets. In the consolation round, Pinedale beat Lyman’s second team, 2-0, to advance to the consolation championships.

The Lady Wranglers squared off against Douglas in a heater that went into three sets. Pinedale edged ahead in the tie-breaking match to take the victory, 2-1.

Pool play

The Lady Wranglers fought Burns and Newcastle point-for-point with no clear winner emerging after two sets. Pinedale won the first set against Newcastle by three points, 21-18. The Dogies edged the Lady Wranglers out by a single point in the second set, 21-20.

Burns also proved a challenging foe and scored a 21-17 win in the first set. In a closely contested second set, Pinedale turned the tables with a 21-19 victory.

Showing no signs of fatigue after two intense games, Pinedale hit the court against 3A Northwest opponent Lovell. Stepping up the pressure, the Lady Wranglers slammed in two wins, 21-15 and 21-11.

Bracket play

Bright and early on Saturday, the Lady Wranglers hit the court against Lyman’s primary varsity squad for the first time this season. When the dust settled between the conference rivals, the Eagles were ahead on the scoreboard, winning both sets, 21-15.

Familiar colors emerged on the opposite side of the court in the consolation round, where Pinedale found itself pitted against Lyman’s second squad.

The Lady Wranglers took an early lead in the first set. Seniors Roxanne Rogers, Abigail Hawke and Maggie Harber widened Pinedale’s lead with a set of kills. The Eagles snuck up to tie the game at eight points. Freshman Gabrielle Rogers broke the stalemate, hitting over point nine. Roxanne Rogers delivered a kill followed up with an ace served over by Gabrielle Rogers.

Lyman managed to tie the set again at 14 points. Junior Haylen Sandner aced the next to serves, placing Pinedale back in the lead. Hawke slammed over a kill for point 19.

Senior Darby Clause scored an ace, carrying Pinedale to 20 points. Hawke tapped over game point for a 21-18 win.

Pinedale dominated the second set. Harber set the pace hitting over point 2. Blocks by Sandner and Roxanne Rogers widened Pinedale’s lead. Roxanne Rogers served up an ace at point 5. Sophomore Trista Covill launched four kills over the net. Junior libero Sara Kunard took her turn to serve and aced it for point 16. The Lady Wranglers powered through to game point at 21-13.


The Lady Wranglers and Douglas Bearcats brought their A-game to the consolation championship.

Gabrielle Rogers put Pinedale ahead with an ace for point 4. Kills by Covill and Sandner and a set of blocks by Hawke maintained the Lady Wranglers’ lead. Douglas was far from finished, however, and managed to creep up on the scoreboard to tie the match at 18 points. The Bearcats went ahead and won the set, 21-19.

Douglas scored the first points in the second set. Harber shot over a kill, edging Douglas out for one point. A save deep in the back court by Clause put Pinedale ahead by two points. Covill, Roxanne Rogers and Hawke delivered kills before Douglas tied the match at 12 points.

A kill from Harber put Pinedale back in the lead. Kunard served up two aces to score points 18 and 19. Harber delivered a kill to score point 21 and Roxanne Rogers aced her serve for game point and the win, 22-20.

Roxanne Rogers and Harber sent over a series of kills early in the third set. The Bearcats tied the match at point 6 before getting tangled up in the net. Roxanne Rogers shot over a kill for point 12. Hawke scored the next kill assisted by Gabrielle Rogers. A defensive block from Hawke took Pinedale to 14 points.

Clause served over game point for the win, 15-11.