New Year – new lights

Ashley Davis photos A view of Pine Street after the new LED lights were installed this month.

PINEDALE – The Town of Pinedale took the initiative toward becoming a greener community with the installation of new LED fixtures and bulbs in each streetlight within town limits this month.

Subcontractors for Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) replaced the older high-pressure sodium streetlights – numbering approximately 200 – with new LED technology over a three-day period from Dec. 5-7, said Abram Pearce, director of public works.

The LED lights will result in a significant reduction in light pollution and energy consumption for the town, Pearce added.

Roughly 20 percent of the total project cost – $8,701 out of $45,310 – was funded by incentives through Rocky Mountain Power’s Wattsmart program.

According to documents furnished by RMP to the town, the LED bulbs will save Pinedale 108,773 kilowatt-hours of energy per year. A typical Rocky Mountain Power customer uses 8,508 kilowatt-hours of energy per year, the company’s website states. As a result, the Town of Pinedale’s reduction in energy consumption with the new LED lights is roughly equivalent to the kilowatt-hours used by 12 to 13 households.

After a 7.8-year payback period, the LED lights will save the town $4,682 in annual energy costs, RMP documents state.

Pearce called the installation of LED fixtures and bulbs a “great project,” the culmination of work begun by previous town councils and administrators.

The town’s switch to LED technology is innovative move, said Ron Wild, regional business manager for RMP.

“The (town) took a proactive approach to be the first LED replacement project Rocky Mountain Power has completed in Wyoming,” Wild added. “Rocky Mountain Power is hopeful other communities will follow Pinedale’s lead as we move through 2023.”