Netflix mini-series highlights pronghorn migration

Netflix courtesy image This screenshot taken from the official trailer for Our Planet II depicts a herd of pronghorn antelope ‘attempting to sojourn the wild west of southern Wyoming to the Rocky Mountains.’ The new season premiers on Netflix on June 14.

WYOMING — The second season of the Netflix mini-series, Our Planet, explores and unravels the great migrations of animals across the planet while showcasing “the most dramatic and compelling stories in the natural world.” Among those migrating marvels is a familiar herd of pronghorn antelope “attempting to sojourn the wild west of Wyoming.”

The new season, created by the Emmy Award-winning team behind Planet Earth, premiers on the streaming platform on June 14 and is narrated by David Attenborough.

In the 1:32 official trailer that was recently released Attenborough explains, “All life on earth depends on the freedom to move” as a massive herd of pronghorn antelope is seen making its way across the vast Wyoming landscape, complete with snowcapped mountains.

These migrations are vital to the survival of the animals who embark upon them, playing a critical role in successful feeding and breeding.
The Path of the Pronghorn is featured alongside other great odysseys made by orca whales, sea turtles, pollinators, water buffalo and other wildlife in the series, rated TV-G.

Our Planet II includes footage from migrations taking place in Africa, India, China, the Arctic and more.

To capture their visually stunning footage of animals migrating by land, sea and sky, filmmakers partnered with scientists to document the animals over a period of years.

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