Mountain lion caught near Pinedale

PINEDALE – On Wednesday, a Pinedale resident living along Pine Creek contacted Wyoming Game and Fish Warden Jordan Kraft about a dead deer – possibly cached by a mountain lion.

An adult male mountain lion in good condition, 3 to 4 years old, was flushed when the warden went to check it out.

Kraft told the Roundup on Thursday that when he went to inspect the site, the mountain lion jumped up and fled from its day bed. Beside it were three lion-killed deer – a doe and two fawns that were killed and fed on within the previous 24 hours and cached, or buried under surrounding vegetation.

“The mountain lion did not exhibit any aggressive behaviors,” Kraft said. “However, due to the close proximity to surrounding residences and the cache being just outside of city limits, and the likelihood the lion would return on multiple occasions for several feedings, a management decision was made to attempt to capture and relocate the lion for safety concerns.”

After neighbors were notified, large carnivore biologist Clint Atkinson set a trap Wednesday night and the mountain lion was caught and processed Thursday morning. Kraft explained that the lion was immobilizes with wildlife drugs so it could be aged, assessed for condition and marked with identifiers.

Game and Fish fitted the lion with a GPS collar and relocated outside of the Pinedale Region, then cleared the deer carcasses from the property.


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