‘More than Surviving’

Matt Daniels

Sharing lessons to thrive is Daniels’ calling

PINEDALE – It stands to reason that a

man who can mentally track and troubleshoot

computer problems would rely on the

same method to solve his own.

Matt Daniels, owner of Pinedale Computers,

life coach and founder of The Satisfied

Soul, told an Oct. 25 audience of 60 or so curious

people that after an operation, he had

a bad reaction to the anesthesia that left him

with difficulty putting things together like he

was used to.

Daniels also recognizes that he suffered

from post-traumatic stress disorder after an

earlier personal loss. All together, things that

once came easily grew more complicated and

did not make sense to him as they had.

“I am very analytical,” he said. “I follow

through to the end and I am relentlessly curious.

I look for absolutes that can be clearly

explained or proven.”

So it troubled him that his mind didn’t

work the way he expected. Daniels began

studying with a friend, Terry Lowen, who

had his own questions. With Daniels’ “mind”

and Lowen’s “emotion” they explored how to

reach good balances.

“At first I drew those two (emotion and

mind) as opposites to each other,” Daniels

said. “But that turned out to be two-thirds of

the paradigm.”

Two years ago he met “Jacobe,” whom

Daniels identified as “will dominated.”

“I realized we were dealing with these

three imbalances in our soul,” he said.

He drew new charts of the “thinking” mind

of the present, “feeling” emotion of the past

and “doing” will for future and explored how

they function in and out of tune with each

other. Added layers led Daniels to new insights

about how to deal with pain, reawaken

dreams and become a “satisfied soul.”

“More than Surviving” is how he describes

“the content” he personally developed in his

search for purpose and satisfaction. On Oct.

25, Daniels invited the public to his first Satisfied

Soul workshop at the Pinedale Library

to present the deep questions he asked (and

still asks) himself, his charts and lessons

learned. Daniels handed out fill-in-the-blank

pages and also showed his Powerpoint of key

vocabulary and overlapping areas that arose

from his personal quest.

Codependency, confusion, obsession and

depression are some indicators of personal

struggles within the mind, emotion and will

that affect our physical and spiritual selves,

he explained. Being in balance grows into integrity,

direction and connection – the three

pillars of his program.

“As a system it seems complicated at first

– until you compare it to how complicated

things get when you don’t have a structure for

it,” he pointed out.

The first stage is to find balance with the

mind, emotion and will. A highly logical person

might need to express past emotion to

prepare the “will” to take future action, for


“The second stage is strength and the final

stage is growth,” he explained of releasing

pain. “Trauma in the past … you have to handle

with all three functions of your soul. First

with the mind – list the facts and be objective.

Second is the heart – be subjective. The third

is the will – list the actions and give yourself


“Make a list and be ready to move on,”

Daniels said of coping with pain. “I’ve expe-

Joy Ufford photo

Matt Daniels is branching out from trouble-shooting computers to share his messages of ‘More than

Surviving’ with the public.

rienced so much pain in my life – when you

have to handle it and deal with it, it changes

things. There’s more to it than just not dying.”

Daniels’ “Satisfied Soul” content isn’t in

book form yet but he “did a brain dump” and

has a written manuscript.

“It’s stuff I’ve never seen presented this

way before,” he said. “I’m new at using it this

way but I know it’s sound.”

Recent feedback tells him he strikes a

chord with others, giving him incentive to

continue sharing his work with the public.

“‘More than Surviving’ is where many of

us feel we are right now. So often we feel like

we need to stick up for ourselves. It teaches

you why you need to be strong for yourself

before you can be strong for anybody else.”

For the past two years, Daniels felt it was

enough to share “More than Surviving” with

friends and congregations but wants to stretch

farther – always checking in with himself to

make the right decisions for the right reasons.

He now feels this is his calling.

“There are four factors and I can’t ignore

any one of them,” he explained. “The first

goes back to my upbringing that was profoundly

Christian, so a lot of the terminology

is extremely consistent with biblical concepts.”

Daniels has delivered his writing as a sermon

with Bible quotations and also recognizes

that not everyone has a religious background.

He created “a very specific structure and vocabulary

for people to understand themselves

on a level they never could before.”

“The second factor is a sense of calling that

I’ve been seeking my whole life and never

found,” Daniels said. “Searching for purpose

leaves you with a lot of time for contemplation.”

Third is that his mind is “endlessly analyzing”

for meaning and he now has the tools to

help others.

“As I pursue this life calling, I realize it’s

okay to make money helping people,” he

added. “I am happy to help people with more

than their computers.”

He’s not in a hurry but wants to make as

many connections as he can, to move his and

his family’s lives along. Using his own content

makes him the inventor and instructor, he


“I’m ready to declare it now,” Daniels said

with a new sense of authority after his “More

than Surviving” workshops at the Pinedale

Library. “We talk ourselves out of our hopes

and dreams. My own self-doubt was my biggest

obstacle.” n


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