Mary's Monolith

PINEDALE – Not to brag, but the monolith that sent people to the Utah desert last year had nothing on the gigantic column that appeared for a very short time near Pinedale last week before disappearing.

Photographer Max Nolan – Mary Thompson’s son-in-law – captured photos of the mysterious monolith set in the snow. She had told him she wanted her own monolith, so he snapped the photo after Thompson walked several yards past it.

Moments later, the column disappeared and reverted to a simple 2-by 4-foot, three-sided piece of steel, a prop for Nolan’s photographic perspective. The original? A stainless steel condiment tray left over from the Thompsons’ days at White Pine, she said.

“I’ve been nagging him to make me a monolith after the Moab drama,” Thompson explained. “It’s just a darn condiment tray – but so celestial and oh so fun.”

The resulting photo tricks the eye, and the only Photoshop element is the sunburst glinting off one corner.