Mark Flanagan

Mark J. Flanagan, 63, born in Odessa, Texas, suddenly passed away at his home in Pinedale, Wyo.

Mark is survived by his wife, Melissa J. Flanagan, of 30 years, sister Diane (Jeff) Nixon of Simi Valley, Calif., brothers Steve Flanagan and Jimmy Flanagan, of Los Angeles, Calif., and sister Gail Flanagan.

Mark served in the U.S. Army from 1975 to 1978 at the end of the Vietnam War. He was released from his military duties with an honorable discharge in August of 1978, when he then continued his food service career as a civilian on the military base in Fort Gordon, Georgia.

Mark had many passions, one of which was pleasing others. He was very selfless, and gave it his all to put a smile on the face of those he cared for. He would go above and beyond to provide and give comfort to the love of his life, his wife Melissa. With every waking moment he had, it was all about making his wife happy and her life easier. There was never a happier time for Mark than when he got behind the bars of his Harley and rode. He got the pleasure from this simply because he saw the joy it brought to the face of the one he loved with all his being.

Mark had a self-driven passion in making everything he touched better than the way he found it at any cost to himself. When he dedicated himself to something he gave 200 percent and never looked for recognition, only self-gratification of mission accomplished.

Mark will be missed by many, including all of those who had the pleasure of working with him at Ridley’s Family Market, where he was employed at the time of his death.

Mark was preceded in death by his father Sanky Flanagan, mother Wenona Flanagan and brother Tommy Flanagan.

A memorial service will be held Saturday, June 18, at 4 p.m. at Covill Funeral Home in Pinedale.

There will be an opportunity to share a story with others about Mark, or to just let everyone know how Mark touched your life.