Local candidates file ahead of primaries

SUBLETTE COUNTY – A new election cycle in Sublette County means potential change in various county positions.

The official filing deadline for elected positions ended on Friday, May 27, and some familiar faces were not on the ballot, including the longtime chair of the most powerful board in the county.

Joel Bousman was not one of nine candidates who filed for two county commissioner positions. In addition to Bousman’s years on the board, including the most recent years as the board’s chairman, he has sat on the National Association of Counties board for public lands, giving Sublette County a significant voice at the table of a national agency.

Current county commissioner Doug Vickrey, whose term also expires in January, did file for reelection. He will be on the ballot alongside Tyler Maxfield, Jim Brost, Mack Bradley, Gary Sanders, Andrew Zook, Bob Jones, Robin Schamber and Lynn Bernard. Voters are eligible to vote for two of those nine on the ballot.

Current county clerk Carrie Long is up for reelection and is being challenged by Kristine Burton-Bacheller.

Deputy county attorney Clayton Melinkovich and Stan Cannon will run against each other for the Republican nomination for Sublette County Attorney. Current county attorney Mike Crosson previously said during a commissioners’ meeting that he would not seek reelection.

County treasurer Emily Paravicini, assessor Laila Illoway, District Court clerk Janet Montgomery, coroner Curt Covill and sheriff KC Lehr are all running unopposed in their Republican primaries.

Precinct committeemen and committeewomen positions were also available for filing.

Four men and four women will be elected for the Pinedale district. Bob Rule, Mary Lankford, Jean E. Stetson, Greg Schamber, Robin Schamber, Robert Dexter, Paul Ulrich, Katie Smith and Jenny Michaud all filed for those positions.

Four men and four women will be elected for the Pinedale West precinct. Kenny Egle, Rhonda Egle, Steven Kahne, Debbie Vickrey, Coke Landers, Albert Sommers, Isaac Best, Angela Goodrich, Curtis Yanish, Andrew Zook and David Dailey all filed for those positions.

Two men and two women will be elected to represent the Boulder precinct. Nina Jensen-David, Susan Bousman, Joel Bousman, Sam Bixler, Cat Urbigkit and Jasmine Allison all filed for those seats.

Three men and three women will be elected to the Big Piney precinct committee. Haley Clark, Milford Lockwood, Greg Dennis, Nancy Espenscheid, Jason Rifle, Brian David and Joan Mitchell all filed for those spots.

One man and one woman will be elected to represent each precinct in Marbleton, Cora, Daniel and Bondurant. Fran Robinson, Jim Robinson and Kim Tanner will all be on the ballot for the Marbleton precinct. Justin Winney will be on the ballot for Bondurant. Frederick Pape and M. Michelle Pape will be on the ballot for Daniel. Kay Malkowski, Colleen Martin, Eric Marincic and Laura Marincic will all be on the ballot for the Cora precinct.

These are the candidates for the primary election, which will be Aug. 16. There were only Republican candidates who filed in Sublette County.