Lightning causes fire Tuesday

rainbow peeps through rain clouds while smoke is visible from Pole Creek Road of the Fayette Fire on Tuesday evening. The cause of the fire on private property was lightning from the storm that moved through the area earlier in the day.

A fire in the Pole Creek

area southwest of Pinedale was quickly

extinguished Tuesday evening.

Sublette County Unified Fire units

from Pinedale, Boulder and Daniel all

responded to the area and discovered an

actively burning fire located on private

property in sagebrush. The fire was named

the Fayette Fire and was quickly contained

with assistance from firefighting units from

the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau

of Land Management, according to Mike

Petty, public information officer for SCUF.

A lightning strike was attributed as the

cause. The fire was considered extinguished

Wednesday morning after crews returned

to ensure the fire was fully out during the

daylight hours. The fire was just over an

acre in total size but was only 20 feet from

public lands.

On the other side of the county during

the same time as the Fayette Fire, SCUF

crews from Big Piney were dispatched to

a pile of grass clippings that was found

smoldering near the Plainview Cemetery.

The cause of the fire appeared to be selfignition

from the composting effects of

continually adding grass clippings to the

same pile over a period of time. The fire

was extinguished and another check was

made the following day as an additional


Even with the cooler temperatures

and occasional rain shower, the National

Weather Service is forecasting a fire

weather watch for Sublette County

through Thursday. Low relative humidity

combined with 30 mph forecasted winds

will make for elevated or critical fire


Potential fires should be reported to

the local Sheriff’s Office or dial 911 as

needed. Prompt discovery and response

will continue to minimize the impacts of

any new starts



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