Letter to the editor: We do have homegrown litter bugs

Screenshot of trailers manufactured by Bison, similar to what the litter bugs were pulling with their black or dark blue pickup.

Dear Editor,

I wanted to let the folks of Sublette County know about a brazen act of littering I witnessed on Sunday, June 11, 2023. I’m hoping someone might know these folks and talk to them after reading this. I was finishing a short hike near New Fork Lake. Horse riders had passed me on the trail. When I later approached the trail head at the end of my hike they had just finished loading their horses into their trailer. I noticed the woman with long brown hair turn away from the trailer and throw aluminum cans on the ground. I think she noticed that I was looking in her direction. The woman and the man with her quickly got in the truck and headed out from the location. I went over and picked up four new looking empty aluminum cans. The only trash in sight. They had contained “Twisted Tea,” according to the labeling. I bagged the cans for recycling later, then got in my car and headed out. I was very surprised and disappointed that someone would do such a thing. As I passed them on the way out I took down the license plate of the “Bison” brand horse trailer, which was the size for two horses and included a side door. Both licenses were County 23. The dark pickup pulling the trailer was black or dark blue and also had a local plate.
Please, if anyone knows these folks, just let them know we don’t want to see their garbage when we go out to recreate. Create a little social pressure to encourage responsible, not selfish behavior in the great outdoors.

Thank you.

Sarah Hixson, Pinedale