Letter to the editor: The hypocrisy of humans

Dear editor,

After reading the Oct. 26 letter to the editor published in the Pinedale Roundup and written by Michael Kramer regarding hypocrisy on Pine Street, I felt the need to respond.

Mr. Kramer, you stated, “Elections are always disappointing for one side or the other, but we used to decide to support whoever won and make an effort to do better next time. The new norm seems to be that anything is acceptable as long as you get the result you want.”

Well, Mr. Kramer, how is that working out for you?
Are you better off?
Are the people better off?

Mr. Kramer, did you or any of the Democrats or Liberals make an an effort to do better?
Very short memory, Mr. Kramer.

To me it sounds like you have a problem with the Constitution itself, as it is written, or severe voter remorse.
Mr. Kramer, I find your attack on the person you reference as “woman” with a picture of her business on Main Street, Pinedale, very distasteful. The “woman” is a barber and a good one. Do you have a problem with a woman barber voicing her opinion and exercising her First Amendment right?
Sir, do you have a problem with a woman exercising her Second Amendment right or any others?
Sir, that woman who has “your panties in a wad” is a dear friend, a “true American” and “patriot” that I will always stand with and fight beside.
Sir, that woman knows more about the Constitution than you will ever know.

Mr. Kramer, in reference to the six words on the sign “81 MILLION VOTES MY ASS” is implying the election was “rigged by design” and it was not done by the Constitution; 70 percent of the country feels the same way.

Liz Cheney garnered 29.9 percent of Wyoming voters in her defeat, leaving 70.1 percent of Wyoming voters saying “goodbye.” More than 50 percent of Cheney’s 29.9 percent of the voters were crossover voters, meaning Democrats chose to vote for a Republican.

Who is the hypocrite, Mr. Kramer?


Kendall Cross, Pinedale