Letter to the editor: Thanks to Sen. Barrasso!

“Best in the west! — my dad”

I did artwork for our Wyoming Senator John Barrasso as an appreciation gift to thank him again for the “great assistance” he gave me to get the Sublette Center Nursing Home veteran-approved! His VA liaison and staff did wonderful! They did a congressional inquiry and it was VA approved in four months — record time!

Sen. Barrasso called me and played a recording of President Trump talking to him!

Thanks so much to everyone for your support and many comments during this time and process! Some places have tried to get veteran approval and they let it expire after seven years of trying! Dr. Dorrity, Mary’s physician, said several people in different states asked her how they got the Sublette Center Veteran approved.
Dr. Dorrity replied, “You need an M.B.” (Mary Bluemel)

“What’s an M.B.?,” they asked.

Dr. Dorrity replied, “A loyal daughter who fights the VA until she gets what she wants.”
Many hugs to my dear friends!

A huge enormous thank you to our “great” veterans for their service to our country!

The good ‘ol USA!

“Land of the free — home of the brave!”

Everyone hang in and hang on!

As my dad would always say, “It’s a hell of a rodeo!”


Mary Bluemel, Pinedale