Letter to the editor: Speaker Sommers did "exceptional" job

Robert Galbreath file photo Gov. Mark Gordon, center, meets Mary Said, RN, during his June 28 visit to the Pinedale Clinic. Also pictured, from left, are Bill Kluck, EMS director, Dr. Buck Wallace, Kayla Bowers, director of radiology, and Vicky Marshal, director of nursing.

Dear editor,

Legislative sessions can be either good or excruciating, the results either lauded or decried, but the mark of good legislative leadership is ultimately a successful session. The 2023 General Session of the legislature was a success in significant part because of the hard work and vision of Speaker Albert Sommers. Perhaps that shouldn’t be surprising coming as he does from a part of the state where determination and grit come at a premium. He has always represented the citizens of House District 20 passionately and well. Nevertheless, this year – his first as speaker – his leadership was essential if Wyoming’s House of Representatives was to do good work. 

Through Speaker Sommers’ efforts and leadership, a supplemental budget passed, saving a record $1.4 billion. Property tax relief was extended to thousands more Wyoming households. Important steps were taken to address mental health. Through his efforts, Wyoming also demonstrated that being pro-life includes helping mothers as well as protecting the unborn. Because of Albert’s work, this Legislature helped protect the state’s natural resources while simultaneously fostering responsible development and furthering educational opportunity. 

Strong leaders do not shrink from criticism; they know the role invites it – especially so when it seems easier to casually throw hand grenades rather than work to solve problems. Wyoming appreciates that we had a Speaker with the courage to carefully considered the legislation that came before him, weighing the consequences of each bill and its importance to the people of Wyoming and the state. Speaker Sommers’ charge was to ensure time was used responsibly and deliberation done properly. Given the large number of freshman legislators this session, the Speaker did this job admirably.

Wyoming thanks you, Speaker Sommers. 




Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon