Letter to the editor: Ignorance is bliss

The phrase “Ignorance is bliss” comes from a poem written by Thomas Gray in 1742 titled “Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College.” The actual verse ends with “‘Tis folly to be wise.” That last part is in deference to the fact that many times the more knowledge one has, the greater is one’s grief.

I find it interesting that with so much information available to us we still have so many ignorant people living in the blissful state of “what I don’t know won’t hurt me.” Maybe they are afraid that if they know, it will hurt them.

In an 1820 letter to Joseph Cabell concerning the establishment of state universities and their attention to education, Thomas Jefferson said, “There can be no stronger proof that knowledge is power, and that ignorance is weakness.”

It has, however, been said that at any given time in today’s culture that 80 to 90 percent of the population is ignorant or unaware of what is really going on and that plays very well to those who want to control our thought process. I believe there are two spirits that play heavily in the minds of ignorant people. The first being pride/arrogance and the other is apathy/laziness. Neither are acceptable in a period in our history where so much is at stake and so much is being controlled by a narrative that does not allow for dissenting opinions and views. My father, who was the most brilliant man I knew, had absolutely no patience for ignorance. He had many colloquialisms, standard sayings, as well as his own very unique homegrown ones. But the one that he drove home to me constantly was, “Use your head Fred.” I could have hoped that it didn’t rhyme so well so that it didn’t stay with me all these years. Using your head involves thinking through the consequences of one’s behavior. It also involves research, listening to diverse and sometimes dissenting viewpoints and making objective decisions based on what is actually true versus what is told to you to be true.

I can tell you right now that if the only news you listen to or read is mainstream, then you are getting a narrative that may or may not be true. After much research and digging I am pretty sure it is a false narrative and it is time for America to wake up. Now here is where I get called a “conspiracy theorist.” That is definitely a comment made by ignorant people. This term would not exist if there were not actual conspiracies. There are people, government agencies, political ideologies and global elitists conspiring against us all the time. One of my favorite t-shirts has printed on it, “I need some new conspiracy theories, all my others have come true.”

If you or anybody you know is into organic foods, they/you know that our government has been poisoning us for years with the chemicals and pesticides they use in crops and the preservatives, dyes and other chemicals they put in our foods. And now it’s the GMOs and hormones they use. All of this is with FDA approval. Why would they do this? Well, most of these chemical companies have branches in the pharmaceutical industry. And all the health problems that are created by these chemicals in our food can of course be treated with some kind of medicine.

Is this a conspiracy theory? I don’t think so! Any Vegan or hardcore organic food person will tell you it is “a conspiracy.” It is a conspiracy to help the rich get richer and they don’t care a single iota about killing us in the process.

With any conspiracy all you have to do is follow the money trail. There are so many conspiracies against our nation and its people right now that they are hard to keep up with. Let’s take the “Plandemic” for instance. Dr. Fraudchi told us we must wear masks; two would be better. Dr. Fraudchi also told us this was a naturally occurring virus. Then he told us we must get this unproved “vaccine” to protect us from this virus. We now know that not only did he lie about the origin of the virus but he also was helping to fund through the NIH the gain of function research to the very lab in Wuhan where the virus was “accidentally” leaked.

In the past several months, he actually admitted that the masks didn’t work in stopping the spread of the virus and just this last week a NYC Supreme Court judge ruled that all the “First Responders” who lost their jobs because they would not get “The Jab” were to be reinstated immediately and paid all their lost wages. His decision was based on the fact that it has now “Been Proven” that the “vaccine” does not keep you from getting Covid, nor does it keep you from transmitting it to others.

And now our government is trying to make it a mandatory part of the child school vaccination program. How absolutely absurd! And don’t any of you “medical professionals” in this community get on my case about this because I know most of you got “The Jab” and still got Covid. Last time I checked a “true vaccine” is supposed to prevent you from getting the disease, i.e. smallpox, polio. Measles, mumps, Rubella, etc.

There are studies in some countries (not ours of course) that say you are seven times more likely to get Covid after getting the first booster than those that never took “The Jab.” Why is this narrative to continue with something that has been shown not to be effective being pushed so hard by the mainstream media?

Because the #1 advertiser in dollars for all of the mainstream media outlets is Pfizer! Just follow the money! I grabbed ahold of Big Pharma’s hold on our society 15 or so years ago when I saw the switch to the large number of commercials for pharmaceuticals (all of which came with a disclaimer that they could cause death) and along with that, insurance ads. It didn’t take me long to put 1 & 1 together to make 2 very rich industries in our society, because it is no cheap endeavor to put as many commercials on prime-time sporting events and shows as these two industries were and are.

And once again it showed me how the chemical/pharma companies have figured out how to keep padding their pockets. I have another whole editorial to write but for now I’m going to leave this thought for those of you that are still in la la land. If you truly believe that a 79-year-old man with dementia is running our country into the ground, then you are as demented as he is.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki spilled the beans when she said live in an interview, “I really enjoy meeting with President Obama, I mean President Biden each morning…” That is both illegal and unconstitutional.

One of my prophet friends said it this way, “We are watching the greatest show on earth right now. We have Obama as the ringmaster, Biden and Harris as the clowns and the donkeys are leading the RINOs around the ring”

He went on to say, “If the Republicans WANTED to stop it they could right now, but most of them are so corrupt they won’t.”

There is hope, however! I have to and do believe that God has a grand plan in revealing all these lies and corruption to the American people and to the world who once held us up as a beacon of hope when they saw no hope in their nation. I pray this next week is a beginning to part of that great reversal. I will continue on this theme next week, Lord willing.

Until then if you get a chance, go on YouTube and listen to Lauren Kellie’s “Liberty.” It can also be viewed at sperorumble.com. If you are a “True Patriot” it will stir your heart, guaranteed!

Fred Pflughoft, Pinedale