Letter to the editor: A sweet sound

Dear editor,

There are sweet sounds and lights of a drilling rig above Pinedale. This promises to help refresh dwindling natural gas supplies that are less than 40 percent in the field. Taxes for our schools and energy that is needed for power and heating are welcome. Men coming and going with well paying jobs holding tools of the trade (not guns) nor suffering from fear, hate, PTSD, broken bodies, minds or spirits. These are citizens worth their weights in gold. This speaks of blessing here and for our national future.

Our hungry world of near 8 billion is in motion, with energy vital to all. Our beautiful community has a bright future. Industry is heavily invested in good practices and sound stewardship, their track record proven here at home. 

It is our obligation to extend a hand of friendship. Welcome is due, bright smiles appear when outsiders encounter a few words of appreciation, even thanks for the hard job they will perform through the cold and snowy winter days ahead. Quiet flows of  dependable natural gas reserves will extend over years regardless of weather conditions. A rig is like the tip of a Christmas tree employing thousands across our nation. Its flag is ours and generosity extends onward to the future.

Les Burrough, Sublette County