Law enforcement completes checks on sex offenders

SUBLETTE COUNTY – Sublette County

Sheriff’s Office and United States Marshal’s

Service conduct Operation Jessica sex offender

registry checks in Sublette County and

two of 18 registered offenders were found out

of compliance.

Operation Jessica is a joint task force with

local law enforcement and the United States

Marshal’s Service, intended to ensure that convicted

sex offenders are properly registered.

On Nov. 28, a task force consisting of Sublette

County Sheriff’s Office detectives and

United States Marshal Service deputies conducted

compliance checks of the 20 registered

sex offenders in the Sublette County area.

After completing the compliance checks, one

was arrested for registration violations and another

was found to be out of compliance.

The offender that was found to be out of

compliance is pending further investigation

for possible criminal charges both locally and

federally. The other 18 local offenders were

found to be in compliance.

Offenders are required to keep current

registry information on file with the Sublette

County Sheriff’s Department to ensure that

they are not living near schools as well as

to ensure that the public is aware of where

they are living within the community. Current

information of all Registered Sex Offenders,

registered in Sublette County can

be accessed at the Sublette County Sheriff’s

Office website. n


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