Larry Paul Ivie

Larry Paul Ivie was born on Aug. 21, 1940, in Heber, Utah, to Wanda E. and William Alfred Ivie. He was the fourth of six kids, three boys and three girls. Alfreda (Don) Giles, Darreld (Viola) Ivie, Connie (Jerry) White, Joan (J.C.) Carlile, Randy (Nancy) Ivie. Larry grew up in Tabiona, Utah, and loved to spend his time outdoors, hunting all over Tabby Mountain and fishing anywhere and everywhere. The beauty of the outdoors was never lost on him and he was forever outside. He met the love of his life in high school. Larry was the star player and Kathy, his high school sweetheart, was a cheerleader and the sweetheart queen. Larry was voted, by all the coaches in the State of Utah, as the best basketball player in the state. Not only was he a star athlete, he was also an exemplary example of sportsmanship. Larry and Kathy’s courtship was special. They would spend hours and hours outside together and one of their favorite activities was drowning out squirrels. At night they would clean the high school together and then when they were done Larry would buy a pack of cinnamon rolls and a pop and they would sit and visit and share their treat. Soon after high school Larry and Kathy were married in Tabiona, Utah, on Sept. 6, 1958, and then later they were sealed together in the SLC Temple for time and eternity. Larry and Kathy were blessed with five children. Raymond L. Ivie, Tim Craig Ivie, Shane Michael Ivie, Shelley (Tom) Leber, and Heidi (Wil) Gay.

The Ivie families were very close and spent many summers’ camping all over Utah. As the families got larger, they didn’t get to spend as much time camping as they use to but they would always do a Ivie family reunion somewhere for a weekend. It was a tradition that Larry looked forward to every year. Larry’s love of the outdoors was passed on to his boys. The boys loved to hunt and fish with their dad and they went on many hunting trips together. They even got to go to Africa on a big hunt and it was one of Larry’s fondest memories. Larry and his boys were very close and you didn’t usually see one of them without all of them.

Larry was an extremely hardworking man and spent much of his early married years working concrete in Utah. His dream was to move to Wyoming and own his own concrete company. Larry and Kathy purchased Ivie Concrete in Dubois, Wyo., and began working side by side for many years and then later their boys joined them. Years down the road Larry and Kathy and their oldest son Ray moved to Boulder, Wyo., where they became woodsmen. It wasn’t just Larry and Ray, it was Kathy, too, and they did the work of men half their ages getting, splitting and delivering wood. The woodman’s life was one that Larry was very proud of, as he loved the hard work and being outdoors. Larry and Kathy lived on 10 acres and they were able to raise cows, chickens, pigs and horses. Larry didn’t have the animals so much for food but for the love of taking care of them and watching them out in the field. His favorite pastime was to take care of his chickens and gather their eggs. He was very prideful on how he took care of his animals, as they were a great source of joy to him.

Larry is survived by his loving wife Kathy; sons Ray, Tim and Shane and daughters Shelley and Heidi. He has 14 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Larry will forever be remembered for his honesty, hard work, integrity, great sense of humor and large infectious smile. He will be forever missed but never forgotten. Funeral services will be held Saturday, Oct. 30, at 1 p.m. at the Pinedale L.D.S. Church. Interment will follow in the Boulder Cemetery.