Lady Wranglers tussle with Lander, Lyman

PINEDALE – Battling strong winds and tough opponents, the Lady Wranglers came up short of scoring a conference win against Lander on Thursday, April 12, and Lyman on Tuesday, April 19.

Both Lander and Lyman pulled out the wins by 6-0 margins.


A determined Pinedale defense held Lander to a single goal in the first half, even though the Lady Tigers dominated possession. Junior goalie Madison Zook grabbed multiple saves.

The Lady Wranglers made several strikes into Lander territory in the remaining 8 minutes of the first half, though they were unable to get the ball past a solid Tiger defense.

The Lady Tiger offense stepped up the intensity in the second half. Zook prevented early goals until Lander kicked in three goals in a row. Freshman goalie Mya Swain came in and caught several saves, though the Lady Tigers kicked in two more goals before the final buzzer sounded.

Head coach Shanda Jensen said the team performed well against a difficult conference opponent.

“The girls played great and are getting better each game and are starting to really work together,” she said. “We had quite a few injuries prior to spring break, but have come back healthier.”


The Pinedale offense held possession during the opening minutes of the game. Junior Addison Bing led a charge toward the goal box.

Lyman scored on the counterattack and the Eagles kept the ball in Lady Wrangler territory for most of the remainder of the first half.

Bing, sophomore Anastasia Mika and sophomore Shelby Pearson made occasional runs across midfield.

Strong defense by sophomore Anna Lehr, junior Miros Gutierrez Romano and senior Alena Mika kept the Eagles out of the goal box.

Senior Emmaline Vrska launched a powerful shot on goal.

With 3 minutes remaining in the first half, the Eagles managed to score their second goal.

The Pinedale offense attempted to answer with several charges into Eagle territory led by freshman Samantha Brannan. Freshman Victoria Ramage rounded the half out with a shot on goal.

A coordinated Lyman offense kept the Lady Wranglers on their toes through the second half. Zook defended the net and strong defensive plays by Gutierrez Romano, Lehr and freshman Ellie Jensen kept Lyman at bay until the Eagles scored on a penalty kick.

Vrska delivered a shot on goal from midfield. Zook and Lehr both managed to prevent a close call with a clearance.

Zook caught three more saves before Lyman kicked in a pair of goals.

Vrska and senior Hailee Henry led drives into Eagle territory. Zook reached up and made a save high in the air.

Lyman scored again with six minutes to go on the clock. Freshman Hailey Shelinbarger sent the ball over midfield and Brannan made a shot on goal.