Lady Wranglers sweep rival Big Piney, beat Kemmerer in 5

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PINEDALE – Digging deep characterized the Lady Wranglers’ game as they squared off against conference rival Kemmerer in a five-set Homecoming heater on Thursday, Sept. 23. The quality was particularly evident early in the third set.

Kemmerer slammed the ball over the net, aiming for the far right corner in Wrangler territory. Diving for the ball, junior Sara Kunard hit the floor to keep the ball alive.

Senior Darby Clause raced from the net to the backcourt and hit Kunard’s save to junior Toree Andersen, waiting near the exit doors. Andersen struck with a powerful bump, sending the ball skimming over the net.

The crowd flew to its feet, the stadium echoing with cheers.

Kemmerer and Pinedale fought ferociously for each point in five close sets. The Lady Wranglers edged Kemmerer out by 3 points in the final set for a 3-2 victory.

Energized by the win, Pinedale hosted Big Piney for the cross-county rivalry on Tuesday, Sept. 28. Pinedale swept the Punchers.


The Lady Wranglers overpowered the Rangers at the beginning of the first set, establishing a six-point lead.

Senior Roxanne Rogers served up the first 3 points. Junior Haylen Sandner delivered a kill for point 6. Abigail Hawke, also a junior, blocked the ball for point 7.

Hawke and junior McKenzie Illoway maintained the lead with kills.

The Rangers pulled up from behind to tie the set at 14 points. Illoway hit over two more points before the Rangers charged to win the first set, 25-18.

Pinedale struck back in the second set. Roxanne Rogers fired off a kill to score the first point. A block by senior Maggie Harber took the Lady Wranglers to point 5. Roxanne Rogers aced point 8. Illoway scored point 10, followed by aces served up by Harber and Clause.

Sandner tapped in point 10. Roxanne Rogers pulled out a pair of kills. Freshman Gabrielle Rogers aced her serve for point 24. A kill by Roxanne Rogers led to game point at 25-16.

Pinedale opened the third set ahead. Sandner hit over Pinedale’s first point. Roxanne Rogers aced point 3. Kemmerer sent the ball into the net or out of bounds on the next plays. Hawke slammed down a kill before the Rangers tied the set at 8 points. Illoway kept the pressure on offensively, hitting over five points.

The Rangers managed to stay ahead and win the set, 25-20.

Down by one set, the Lady Wranglers fought back in the fourth set to tie the match. A block by Sandner opened the set. Roxanne Rogers sent over a pair of kills. A kill by Hawke carried Pinedale to 11 points and a four-point lead. Illoway spiked over a kill for point 14 with Hawke tapping point 15 into Ranger territory.

Kunard aced her serve on point 19. Roxanne Rogers slammed in a kill for point 21. Illoway hit over point 24. Roxanne Rogers sent an ace over the net for game point at 25-17.

The fifth set came down to the wire.

Roxanne Rogers hit over point 2. Gabrielle Rogers aced point 4. Roxanne Rogers scored again at point 5 with Illoway hitting over points 6 and 7.

A block from Hawke took the Lady Wranglers to 10 points. The Rangers edged up, delivering a four-point streak before hitting the net. Kemmerer pulled off three more points, closing Pinedale’s lead to only two points.

Gabrielle Rogers set the ball up. Sandner swept in and hit game point over the net. The Lady Wranglers won, 15-12.

Big Piney

Pinedale took the initiative right out of the gate in the first set. Kunard delivered an ace for point 1. Gabrielle Rogers served up an ace at point 4 followed by two kills from Roxanne Rogers.

Harber and Hawke shot over kills before the Punchers tied the match at 7 points. Roxanne Rogers and Sandner replied with a sequence of kills. Illoway slammed over a kill for point 24. Hawke delivered a kill and game point at 25-16 for Pinedale.

The Punchers put up stronger resistance in the second set, tying the match at 12 points. A hit and an ace by Roxanne Rogers pushed Pinedale ahead by two points. Illoway fired off a kill for point 15.

The Punchers again tied the match at 16 points before getting caught in the net. Roxanne Rogers shot over a pair of kills, including set point at 25-19.

Sandner opened the third set with a kill. Gabrielle Rogers aced points 4 and 6. Illoway hit over point 13. Roxanne Rogers served up an ace at point 14. A kill and an ace by Sandner took Pinedale to 16 points. Hawke shot over a pair of kills.

Clause bumped point 21 over the net. Gabrielle Rogers set the ball for Sandner to tap match point over the net at 25-15.


Robert Galbreath photos